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Im going to be in the newspaper for riding my unicycle(feature artilce) and they asked my questions that I need some help with.
1How did you begin riding a unicycle?Why?When?
2 How many other unicyclists do you know (how many on
3What kind of response do you get to riding your unicycle?
4Do you ride in the rain, or when its really cold?
5What do you do if you need to stop on your unicycle(if it dosent have brake
I know these are my questions but I need some classic comebacks THANKS

Re: School Newspaper

Honestly, these are not the kind of questions that require any of the “classic comebacks” If you want promote unicycling, answer the questions truthfully to the best of your ability. The third question may offer some bits of humor if you’ve been called a clown while riding or asked where your other wheel is; but for a school publication that has the potential to interest others in riding and even make you some new friends, I’d tend not to be snide or express the sentiment seen here that non-riders are idiots.

It’s a great opportunity you have. By all means be funny but remember that reporters can twist your words. :wink:

I have been stopped by people who are truely interested and have listed a few of their most common questions below.

  1. How do you stop?

  2. How do you go down hill?

  3. How do you slow down?

I have come to realize that most people view the unicycle as a bicycle missing a wheel. They expect the rider to be able to coast like a bike and require brakes to stop. It may be helpful if you first give a brief mechanical description of a unicycle and how it works.

if u want to throw them off; just answer yes to every question. whether it makes sense or not.


Hehe, a friend of mine was stopped by police… they told him he needed a brake :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, answer truthfully…

Here’s the article my campus paper wrote about us…

thanks everybody for the tips I hope I can scan my article on the site. Ill make sure to send anybody that wants to learn to ride the uni to this site. Thanks Gilby for this site.