School 'n Stuff

I just finished my first unicycling video ever. I’m not a great rider like many of you, but I still tried to keep the video entertaining. Here it is:

Comments are very much welcome.

cool, i like your vid, i hope it didn`t hurt too much :wink:

Thanks! It just kept me off the unicycle for a while. No serious injuries.

Cool! Keep going! :smiley:

cool vid :wink:

Good work! :smiley: You managed to keep the vid entertaing and worthwhile to take time to see.

Just have fun riding, and it’ll come naturally :slight_smile:

nicely done, I like your unispins they’re goin’ good.
Keep it Up! - UNI98:D


Thank you!

Thanks, I just tried to focus on making it a fun video, rather than showing what I can do on a unicycle.

Thanks, UNI98!