School Exchange to Speyer

I’m not very good at German at the moment so I thought it would be easier for most of you to understand if I wrote this in English.

I’m mainly a freestyle and Hockey unicyclist. But I do some of everything.
I may be going on a school exchange to Speyer in Southern Germany (on the river Rhine near Heidelberg)
I was wondering if anyone knew of any Unicycling clubs or unicyclists in near that.

Please reply in English, other wise I probably won’t understand you sorry.

Hallo SamGoodburn,

we are a unicycle-club in Bruchsal.
That’s between Karlsruhe and Heidlberg.
From Speyer 25km in south-south-east direction.

We train freestyle in the gym at:
Wednesday 18:30 h - 20:00 h (advanced)
Friday 16:30 h - 18:00 h (beginner)
Friday 18:00 h - 19:00 h (for all)

Sometimes we do Street, Muni, Downhill and Trail on appointment.

When you are interested write a mail to me in this forum. I give you more informations.

Best wishes


I don’t know if I’m definetly going as there are limited spaces. But if I do go I would love to go to the advanced and the (for all) and if there’s time I wouldn’t mind coming to watch the beingers before hand and meet people.
I would be staying with a german family and it would be rude to ask for a lift there. Do you know any easy ways of getting there from speyer? With out me, an English tourist getting lost.

Also. I would probably only be aloud to bring one unicycle (if any) If thats the case i’ll definetly bring my freestyle. So I wouldn’t be able to do any street, Muni, Downhill and Trail. but again would love to watch if I had the time.

I study in Kaiserslautern 70km away from Speyer. If you want to do trials or muni we can meet in Speyer. I have 4 muni/trials unicycles in Kaiserslautern and a train tickets which allows me to go for free to Speyer, so if you want we can meet.

That would be great! I hope I have time for all this. Thankyou!
I think I will definetly apply for a place on the trip now. I’ll let you know what the dates will be nearer time.

Any more unicyclists living near speyer? Let me know!

I live in Wiesloch, about 30km east of Speyer. I’m in freestyle and touring. Let me know, when you are here.