schluphf hub on sale on udc

just 1 left

can the hub be bolted into any frame?

i know you need something bolted in the frame, but a drill hole in any frame should do the trick, no?

I wish I had $1,000…

that’s a second generation hub, meaning you don’t need to bolt anything into the frame. or something like that…

me too. i only got half that

i’m pretty sure it just means it has better guts…if you want to shift, you need to bolt it somehow

(i think)

I’ll sell you a hub that doesn’t shift for that :slight_smile:

naa im saving it for a new coker V2

That hub still has the torque arm that must be secured/bolted in place, it is not the new hub with the knurled bearing mount.

oh my mistake, it would still work from my Nimbus frame though, easy. too bad I’ve only got $200 to my name…

Why buy new when you can buy used for the same price!!

Does the price on the Schlumpf website include and import taxes or shipping from Switzerland?


This is how much it would be here in Oz. :astonished: