Schlumphing a fattie

I just put together my new fattie by Jacob. I think it is going to be a lot of fun although I must admit the first hour or so has been more difficult then I anticipated. It turns out nine whole months of being a unicyclist does not make one an expert. Who woulda thought!
Anyway, I know conventional wisdom is different unis to accommodate different terrains (I subscribe to that, owning 5 myself, albeit in two different states). However, I travel a lot, which makes me wonder- Has anyone schlumphed a fattie? Good experience or bad?

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Must be a bad idea

not a bad idea at all. I just think there aren’t a lot of people who have done it yet. I’ve thought about it, but my schlumpf is staying on the speed machine. You’ll have to find a 36 hole rim, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work. keep in mind that straight-suck will get really intense when you’re moving that fast, but tires like the nate (big knobs) I hear are less prone to that. I’ve been running a larry backwards. I find at higher pressures it works really well on the road, but I don’t use it for that at all.

If you want to do it, try it out! The other option would be running 110/137 cranks, just change them out when you go from dirt to pavement. There’s a 32 coming out soon that will just be begging to be geared up as a road wheel, and geared down for muni. Not exactly a travel wheel due to the big diameter though. (if you fly) . . . speaking of travel wheels, I have my own solution to that coming in a few weeks/months from Jakob. :slight_smile:

. . speaking of travel wheels, I have my own solution to that coming in a few weeks/months from Jakob. :slight_smile:

I’m curious. What’s your solution?

give it a try

Not a bad idea at all!

I ike this setup. And its great to ride on high gear with the comfort of the low pressure wheel.
The problem is to get a 36h rim - the old large marge fits :slight_smile:

StarsCircle have the J73, 36h, 26" rims with 80mm external / 73mm internal width.

This is the 1290g doubled walled rim.
I would try to get the lighter singled walled version if possible.
Go to product pages 10/10 for the JP73A自行车轮&SmallClassName=轮圈