Schlumpf's fill screw seal issue

Hey all,
I wanted to ask for your help in resolving an issue with the fill screw on my IGH (Schlump).
I have used this hub for approx. 2000 km and I am used to the “standard” leak of oil, especially during high temperatures.
However, recently the leak started to come out of the fill screw area - which was tighten well as always.
The plastic washer that is placed between the screw and the hub seems to be ok, but perhaps it has lost its elasticness.
I couldn’t find any other rubber like washer that would replace the original plastic washer; I’d appreciate any idea you may have to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot :pray:t3:

Go to the auto parts or McMaster Carr and purchase copper crush gasket.


@lobbybopster , thanks a lot for the quick answer…!
I had no idea that such washer type exist and for this specific purpose.
That’s awesome, thank you :pray:t3: