Schlumpfdrive 29"

I have an older Schlumpfdrive which has never been used to it’s potential, so it’s time to pass it to someone who will put in the miles it deserves. Square spindle, brake posts, touring handle, KH street saddle, computer, and brakes with drag lever are all included. Thanks to sliding brake bosses, it can be built with a 24" or 26" rim and it will fit a 3" tire.
I’d love to get $500 for it, shipping not included. I manage a bicycle shop in an Ace Hardware Store in St. Maries, ID and I can run credit card (3% service fee) and shipping through the store. I can also meet anyone interested within an hour or so of here including, Spokane, CdA, Moscow (ID), etc.
It’s a cool ride for a great deal. Contact me through here, my email,, or call the store, 208-245-6544


Would someone with a 29" inseam fit on it?

Pardon my ignorance, but that’s not geared is it?

Schlumpf is sold

Sorry all, but my Schlumpfdrive is on it’s way to its new home. Thank you all for the interest. Cheers, Tom
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