Schlumpf vs. Coker

I just got an e-mail from Florien and he said it would cost around $70 to ship to Minneapolis. The question now is the Schlumpf unicycle worth the price of basically two updated cokers’ and how do I explain to my wife that my new toy cost about as much as we spent on a second car for the kid.

you don’t explain, you beg:

Honeyyyyyyyyy, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasse…

it’s from switzerrrrrlaaaaaaaannndddd!!!


Explain to her that you wanted a Ferrari, but a Schlumf uni is better and all you really need!

apparently there are two groups of unicyclists :

  • those who are waiting for the money to meet their latest uni fancy.

  • those who have the money but who are shy on telling their family (so they wait until next year when everybody forgot their latest folly)

may be’s marketing can do something about it :smiley:

Re: Schlumpf vs. Coker

It’s better than a car, so it should cost more. When people get cars they get fat, whereas you can use a uni to keep yourself fit and healthy. Tell her it costs less than a posh rowing machine or exercise bike, which would keep you fit in a similar way. You could save money by riding to work on it.

Cokers are great, but you’re not getting a wonder of swiss precision engineering, you’re getting a slightly shonky but very big unicycle, that’s why it costs less. With a two geared uni you’re getting something way more versatile and interesting, the only uni that you can ride difficult cross country trails and roads in the same day without compromising either type of riding (the coker or a standard 29er come close, but you still have to compromise on setup one way or the other).


Just don’t tell her how much it costs. Simply say that you are getting the unicycle. Some of the other suggestions posted won’t fly if you already have a unicycle. Heck, I wouldn’t tell anyone how much it costs unless they ask about that specific unicycle.


How does “This is my $1300 unicycle” sound to you?

First don’t tell your wife the cost. Hide it in your lunch money etc…

Second, it is always easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. At least that was how it was in the Army.:smiley:

“Honest, hunnie – I ordered the keychain – they must’ve made a mistake! stupid internet ordering system…”

Re: Schlumpf vs. Coker

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 06:14:58 -0600, “wobbling bear” wrote:

>apparently there are two groups of unicyclists :

I’m in neither group. I told my wife about the Schlumpf, how unique it
was and how interesting it would be to ride. I said that I was
considering to buy it, but that it was quite expensive at 1000 Euros.
She said “So what? It seems like the right thing for you, so you’d
better order one rightaway.”

I’m only doubting crank length at this point. On the 29’er my
preferred size is 125. (Have tried 110 and 150 as well.) I’m thinking
150 might be the best size for the Schlumpf for me, or 170. Thoughts?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

people who unicycle are shyly exhibitionistic - GILD

on a 29er my preferred crank size is 150 because:

  • I may use it offroad
  • I am bad when riding up slopes … I need a 150 here

so I am wondering about the torque you may need
when in 1.5 gear. 170 may be a bit too far and may be 150 is a good compromise.

(note that I am not a good unicyclist: I am unable to concile torque and balance)


if she asks you how much, put it in female terms. The gf buys something and it’s “20 pounds” - the receipt says 29.95. round it down a little. OK, a lot!

alternatively you could just say it cost “490”, which is U$1300 in Bahranian Dinars.

If I get asked what my Coker cost (which I got 2 hours ago) I’ll just say - much less than it is worth!

If you got a Coker 2 hours ago why are you on the forum & not riding :D, snow is not an acceptable excuse!

I like the alternative currency plan, I just need to choose a currency so I can say it cost less than 200, this could be difficult as Sterling normally converts to a larger number for most currencies :frowning:

god idea! how about a Uni-currency that could span the world (just like the Economist’s BigMac index:p )

so you can say "phew! my Coker cost me 12 wheelies " (or whatever the name: let’s open a competition on the name and the value!)

I was eating at the time, I knew I needed to be fuelled up - I did want to post with the claim that the first ride was in the snow but alas, it’s gone already :frowning:
great little ride though -still grinning like a madman! :smiley: