Schlumpf use in the wet/mud ??? advice please.

I recently bought KH 26 Guni, which I really like a lot:p:p. The best purchase in years.

I want to enjoy it for many years to come, preferably without repairs.
Should I avoid using it in wet/muddy conditions?

I have serial number 0449, which has the inproved labyrint seals, the manual says the hub is “spray water proof”.

Does anyone have used the Schlumpf for many years, including very wet conditions?

Does it help to remove the wheel once in a while to clean the outside of the hub, near the bearings?

Any tips from long term Schlumpf users is very welcome.

I am using my Schlumpf hubs for a couple of years now all around the year. In all wheather conditions including rain, snow, mud. No issues so far. But of course I never drowned my unicycles (others did, even in salt water; which the hub survived as well).
The only maintenance I do is lubricating from time to time, and wiping off some dirt with a towel.