Schlumpf Unicycles: Flansberrium G24 & G29 - Overview & Issues

Yep I know it is a long one - so of course only for those who can endure hearing my dulcet tones go on for that long.

It’s part built up review of the two wheels, and part personal assessment and summary of all the issues (as I see / understand them) to date.

It’s a moving target so of course it’ll be perhaps outdated in a few days, but for anyone who would find it helpful to have this topic spoken about - rather than read and read the thread, then this is (I hope) the vid for you :smiley::gear:


I don’t even have a Schlumpf but I enjoyed this. It explained better the issues that some are facing. Thanks for putting it together.


I agree with Ruari. Great video!


I have like 123 new posts in the Schlumpf thread to read too, the video sent me down a rabbit hole lol.