Schlumpf / Surly compatibility questions.

I am about to take my KH/schlumpf hub off my KH 29 and put it on a 24" Surly LargeMarge rim and Conundrum frame.
My questions are:

Is the bearing holders on the frame spced the same as on the hub?

The frame needs spacers (included) to fit the KH bearings, with these spacers will there be enough friction to keep the torque bearing secure?

If it isent, I though if I cut a small slit out of the spacer it would allow better compression around the torque bearing and reduce any slipping.

And finally, has anyone else built a guni conundrum 24 with a gazz? What length spokes did you use? any other thoughts?

Thanks for the help!

the KH schlumpf manual explicitly mentions that one should not use spacers/shims with the hub.

You probably don’t want to use the hub in anything except the KH frame.


Or a triton :wink:

But I really do!

It seems like as long as the spacing between the bearing is correct there shouldnt be a problem.

Ive seen someone with the hub on a 26 conundrum, so its possible.
Since when dose any self respecting man refer to the user manual?

Any thoughts on putting a slit in the shim with and applying loctite between the frame and the shim?

Why would you need the shim? The spacing on my conundrum frame is spot on the KH frames. The bearing holders on the conundrum take 42mm bearings… Am I missing something? No shim needed.

Well thats great!
Maybe I thought it needed a shim because the KH seat post does and 2 sets of bearing shims and frame shims are included with the Counudrum.
Thanks for the help, Ill let you know when its done!

I think I read somewhere that the Surley frames (used to) come with either 40 or 42mm bearing holders. If you’ve got some shims, then it sounds like you have a 42mm frame but you can use the shims on 40mm (ie Profile) hubs. Therefore you should* be ok with the 42mm bearings on the KH Schlumpf hub.

The frame shims will also allow you to fit seat posts thinner than the 27.2mm of the KH seat posts.


  • In case you’re not, you didn’t hear it from me. I don’t exist, and you never read about it here. Besides, I’ve not got enough money worth suing me for

That’s probably my only gripe with my 24" and 26" conundrum frames. The damn seatpost tube is huge compared to other frames (28.6mm). I HATE using shims and have an aluminum MTB rail post in there right now. I really want a KH adjustable though and may have to suck it up and use the shims.

Since that self respecting man doesn’t want to void the warranty and break his Schlumpf hub.

Just looked in the surly and schlumpf manuals, It looks like everything should be fine. Thanks.
I think im gonna go with 230 mm spokes and gazz 3.0
If anyone has any other suggestions let me know and if not, Peace.

I’ve been LOVING the IRC Kujo 3.0 on my 24" Conundrum. It runs great higher or lower pressure and rolls extremely well on hard pack. That being said, I have never tried the Gazz.