Schlumpf Road 29er

After much debating in my mind I have decided to sell my road 29er as I don’t ride it enough to warrant keeping it.

Original generation hub, still runs quiet and smooth.

The frame is the original adjustable frame but unfortunately one of the machined aluminium pieces joining the bearing holders to the frame has cracked - it has been like this since I got it and hasn’t shown any sign of coming apart or being in any way unrideable.

Cranks are 150s, original Schlumpf square taper, also have a spare pair of black 150s if wanted.

The Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyre also has some signs of age, probably could do with being replaced soon.

Two sets of spare axle bolts included as well as shifter button remover tools and a syringe for adding more oil.

With the frame having that crack on it I’m looking for £350 collected for the unicycle or I can post (in the UK, maybe elsewhere - please ask) just the hub, cranks and spare parts etc for £350 and the frame will then go for aluminium recycling.
I don’t have the capability to post the whole unicycle so if someone wants that it will need to be collected (from Harrogate, North Yorkshire) or I can get it to Leeds if that suits someone better.



Schlumpf Road 29er

Hi Rob,
I’m interested. I’m as close as can be on other side of pond (NYC) but still in USA. Do you happen to be coming over foreseeably? Or may we discuss shipping arrangements via PM please?


Unfortunately, although I’d love a trip over, I’m not going to be in the USA any time soon.

If you’re just wanting the hub then I can look into shipping. As its oil filed, a lot of delivery companies won’t take it (but I can no doubt bag it up and not tell them :wink: ).
I’ll try and have a look today for you.

If you’re wanting the whole unicycle then I’m not prepared to try and ship that.

I would be interested in just the hub


I was looking at this but decided not to buy as it isnt ISIS… but I am going to New York over xmas, if you want to pay for an extra bag (about $60) I will am happy to take it over for you if it helps a fellow uni rider :slight_smile:

I have a friend working in Yorkshire for the next few weeks who could take it to me :slight_smile:

Looking at pricing for posting overseas, looks like it’ll be about £35-45 (not weighed just the hub and cranks so guessing at weight).

if the other guy doesn’t want this hub I am interested.

Sorry it took a while to respond to this.

I had interest from someone on the UK forum and it’s now been sold and collected.