[Schlumpf Questions] Owners Manual

Sorry for the multiple posts on related subjects, but I figured people using the search facility in the future might find things easier.

Does anyone have a Schlumpf Owners Manual that they wouldn’t mind copying/scanning for me? I bought mine second hand and it came manualless :frowning: I’m sure a lot of it would be fairly obvious stuff, but the two main points that I worry about is adjusting the seat post (I know Joe Marshals frame was written off because of the complexity of this), and re-oiling the hub. I have 2 syringes of oil, but have no idea how often or how much they will be needed.

I have the info about changing cranks from the SchlumpfDrive pdf file, so at least that side of things seem well covered.


Try this link: http://www.schlumpf.ch/hp/handbuecher/Montageanleitung.KH.engl.10.1.pdf

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what happened here? this post was from 2007 then it popped up in our feeds?

I wondered that too – I thought that someone must have replied to it bringing it back to life then deleted their post – just a guess though. Hopefully 14 year old posts don’t spontaneously come back to life :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope he wasn’t in a rush for a response :wink:

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Thank you, I have been patiently waiting for 14 years, but now I can finally adjust the seat height on my Schlumpf uni without breaking the frame! :crazy_face:



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