"Schlumpf-ing" on MLK day 2016!

My first video of 2016, and since hitting the big Six-Oh! Was fun trying to keep up (and sometimes pass!) the two-wheelers! Includes both on & off-road riding. There’s also a link after the end credits to see how this amazing piece of engineering is made! Hope you enjoy!

MuniAddict, as always, awesome vid!

(What did that last lady that passed by say???..:p…and she had the audacity to repeat it too…

Did I hear her right??? Or did she just voiced her ignorance in person, and forgotten she’s out in the world and not typing stupid words on the internet??

“That thing’s hideous”
“That thing’s hideous”

Hahaha, I just laughed anyway…cant please everybody, especially when you’re passing them up!:smiley: :sunglasses:

Thanks UPD! She actually asked, “are you the UniGeezer”? Then said, “I’ve seen your videos”, but I didn’t hear it clearly so she repeated it, then her husband said, “he just took one!” :smiley:

I apologize if I have mistaken. But I’ve replayed a dozen times and I keep hearing the same as I orginally heard it…

Im sure it’s my awful mistake because people in public would tend to act with certain etiquette.:o
…sorry I must have mistaken