⚙ Schlumpf hubs produced again

The information I got from Florian:

we deliver a 100mm version with brake disk (the bolt pattern indeed is special, as the inner diameter is different due to the hub).
At the moment for standard 36 hole pattern.
I’ll inform you when production starts.


Do we know whether the disks will be special order from Florian, or if there will be some way to buy them from other sources (something like the Shimano outer disks used by the Brakefast adapter)?

I’d hate for the disks to be completely proprietary, not for cost reasons, just for availability reasons.

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There are other disc options as the ones used on geared bicycle hubs.


Nice. I wasn’t aware of these rotors yet.

That’d probably a better choice than relying on one manufacturer continuing to produce one specific product of which you than then take a non-standardized part. While I believe it’s a perfectly fine choice for the Brakefast adapter, I doubt it’d be best choice for this hub.

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Niiiiiice! I love this thread! :heart_eyes:


Florian sent a mail yesterday. You may be interested in its content:

Dear unicycling friends,

we start into 2022 with a new series of unicycle hubs!

In recent years, many new trends have developed and we now have the opportunity to offer variants that meet these trends.

Possible options are:

  • 100mm and 125mm long axle
  • Disc brake
  • 36-hole or 32-hole spoke flanges
  • integrated freewheel either in high or low gear

If you have concrete interest in one or more of these variants, please fill out the attached Excel file.
Delivery is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

Selling prices have not yet been determined. However, they will be somewhat higher than the price level we have been able to maintain unchanged since 2006 (in Swiss francs) due to a sharp increase in raw material and component prices.

Many thanks, best wishes for the New Year and hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards


So if you want a new hub, please download, fill out this Excel file and send it to Florian at florian@schlumpf.ch.

Happy rides!


So exciting. Can see Florian’s site has an update on this too.

I’ve emailed with my order already before sheet but will check into that also!



Some more info:

Hi Maxence,

bolt circle diameter for our disc rotor is 79mm with 9 holes. Unfortunately, there are no standard discs on the market with a similar mounting pattern.
We will make a nice, strong and lightweight design.

Different ratios are no issue at the moment. if you take a closer look at planetary gears, you will see that a value close to 2:1 is not feasible (a planetary gear with zero diameter gives the ratio of 2:1).

Best regards

I’ve asked him about a possible 1.8:1 ratio but it doesn’t seem to be doable right now.

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Odd point - but when people are reserving their hub(s) do they get any kind of response or confirmation?

I don’t want to hassle Florian on this topic (poor man, likely a busy inbox from a few hub-fans!) :joy:… but naturally would kind of be nice to know the “order” is in / received.

Call it #MissingOutOnHubAnxiety / #HasMyEmailGoneToSpam :laughing:

Just curious really…

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No reply on my order mail, but got a reply on my last mail. So he probably has received all mails but can’t reply as of now. I think he’ll send a mail in a few weeks when he received all pre-orders.

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Thanks for the above Maxence :pray:

Another musing on these new hubs :gear: With the inboard disc being basically the standard route for most orders, do people think that this means the Schlumpf/KH partnership is in effect over.

I mean frame wise really as it’ll no longer work with current KH frame unless the option is to weld tabs on.

I’m just wondering if this will be a kind of fix-it-yourself with either a Mad4One, Fransberrium frame - for the correctly sided tab for the calliper or if there could be some new KH frames on the horizon…

I believe Nimbus frames work but require some modifications - and right now I enjoy the mostly plug and play nature of KH frames, when it comes to Schlumpf wheels.


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Regarding the frame: I don’t think Nimbus frame would require some modifications. They are now offered as 100 or 125 mm bearing pitch, both having a left disc tab. As Schlumpf hubs will now be offered as 100-and-125-bearing-pitch sized, that’s alright!
You could also use a Qu-ax frame, whether it is a Qx-Series or an RGB model. This should work great.

Last point is about cranks. KH Spirit cranks had two advantages:

  • making disc brake a possibility for Schlumpf hubs - this will not be an advantage anymore because of inner disc ;
  • having a wider q-factor than other cranks - that could still be an advantage for Schlumpf hubs if you don’t want to accidentally hit the gear-changing button.

So I guess KH stuff still has some Schlumpf-related advantages over other brands when it comes to cranks, but not anymore for frames.

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Thanks again for the detailed reply. Glad to hear Nimbus would be plug and play, I’d always wondered how the torque block thing worked with those bearing caps - and I’ve always just preferred KH’s machining on his bearing mounts in general - I just hope they offer a 100mm 36er option over the 125.

I can see a Flans frame in my future anyway, but nice to see options have opened rather than narrowed with this happy 2022 gear news!

I’ll probably still use Spirits as I like the curve for shifting.

Roll on June 2022! :grin:


Could it be you are thinking older Nimbus frames where you needed to use a D’brake?

Even the cheapest ISIS Nimbus unis for road or muni use have disc tabs on the left now.


I think it may have simply stemmed from a comment from UDC UK,when I was toying with the idea of getting my 200 series hub set up with a BrakeFast in a Nimbus frame - that they’d get it to work with some adjustment. It could of course have been just due to the age of that hub.

But I also always viewed KH frames as having the best set up with all the torque reaction / backlash securing systems for newer hubs (with the notched block) than elsewhere frame wise.

Here’s hoping more details emerge on how this will all pan out and how the new hub’s shell looks in real life with the custom disc mounting hardware for all to see :eyes:

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As far as I know, KH frames were and probably are the only ones that work plug and play with the generation 4 hubs (stop blocks). All others need modifications. I’m not sure how the geometry on Nimbus frames looks like, but Mad4one and QX require modifications.
to fit a Schlumpf hub into a QX-Series frame, you need to make some serious modifications:

Maybe RGB frames fit better, but i doubt they are plug and play without any modification.

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Really helpful, Eric - thanks!

I’ve been trawling the inter webs to see exactly how the little block works and it does seem likely that for that alone you’d what your caps to match how they are on a KH + schlumpf set up.

Here’s hoping this comment on Florian’s site means there’s a new more universal option/method beyond or in place of the torque block system:

New technique of twisting protection (eliminates the risk of slipping with titanium frames or insufficient tightening torque, as well as the risk of damaging the outer ball bearings if the tightening torque is too high).

We’ll see…

However it seems like a 100% needed component in the hub purchase - frames that will easily work with the hub’s bearing interface. With an inboard disc being the stand out feature, and this clearly not an option on existing KH frames - it must I feel/hope mean, that the hubs working in other frames should be now aimed and being plug and play :crossed_fingers:

I’m leaning towards the idea of actually just getting the no disc option for my intended new 24” GUni build - and run that in my KH24 frame + Maguras. I never anticipate needing the disc really for that wheel size - and something about not having a dished wheel on such a small size makes me feel that the Schlumpf hub’s longevity will be maintained a lot better. No idea for sure but with its proprietary rotor set up, for such a small wheel space, I’d feel it could be overly complex. I do like maguras for the simple fact they don’t touch the hub flange and are entirely rim focused for their drag.

For the likely G36” wheel I’d now 100% opt for a Flansberrium frame (unless we hear dramatic news from Schlumpf HQ) as I’d be sure with a Frans frame it would fully take into account the necessaries to run a Schlumpf hub in it - not to mention they look amazing!

Two extremes 24” and 36” seems dime and the way to go - one portable, one for distance cruising. Disc on the 36er also seems worth it for the gear’s speed :gear:

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Which serial numbers includes the generation 4 hubs? That’s certainly not the latest as my #800 hub works in a Mad4One frame. By the way, my #400 & #800 fit perfectly in my Flansberrium frame.

There has been some discussions about BreakFast and RGB frames but there were no mention that a RGB frame couldn’t fit a Schlumpf hub.
Regarding the Qx frames: I may have spoke too soon, you’re right. I remember having seen some Schlumpf hubs in Qx frames but they may have been filled - I’m not sure. @Vogelfrei80 sold one a few months ago, maybe he could add some knowledge?

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IDK whether this is still relevant or you got a reply in the meantime but I sent in my order today and got a reply within hours.

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Thanks for this update! No, still no reply - I’ll just send again from another email in case it went to spam.

No harm in marking sure it got to Florian I guess :crossed_fingers::pray: