Schlumpf Hub

Is anyone out there looking to get rid of their Schlumpf and/or KH36 that’s just sitting in the garage collecting dust?

I think Mark Hundt (on facebook) wanted to sell one at some point.

There is 1 on EBay in UK but destroyed and expensive

Thanks for the tips–I’ve reached out to both parties.

I’m planning to throw the schlumpf in a 36er to go after the hour record. Do you have any thoughts on how to build the fastest rig possible?

Can you PM the link to me? I’m not able to.find it anywhere. Even destroyed it could be useful

I was thinking along the same lines as you, but the listing has ended. If you do an advanced search for “schlumpf hub” and check the ‘completed items’ box you should find it so you can see what it was/is like.

Bearing was fixed using a hammer …
Serial number 2XX 1st KH ISIS hub generation

I recall reading on the forums that un-geared 36ers were achieving greater speeds than geared ones. Something to check into…if your only reason for getting a Schlumpf is to break a speed record.