Schlumpf hub wheel for sale

Hello I am selling a 29er wheel with a schlumpf hub. It is laced to a sans ztr pro rim it comes with kris holm 150mm moment cranks. This is the kris holm model so it is the isis version. It has less than 100 miles on it and works great I never has any issues with it. The only reason I am selling is because I can’t handle the speed. Too fast!! If you are interested send me an offer through email. I can send pictures and more details if you are interested.
Onepeicebb @ gmail .com. Thank you very much. I would put pictures up here but I am bad at computers and only have an old phone to use the internet so bear with me. Thanks again

Posting pics for Nosepicker :stuck_out_tongue:

How wide is the rim?Where are you selling from? How much for? And would you ship to the UK?


I would ship to the uk The rim is very narrow it is for a
23-25 tire I’m asking $1800 shipped in the u.s. And international depending on where 50 to 100 for shipping for the whole thing.


New deal $1600 shipped in us.

New deal $1500 obo shipped in USA