Schlumpf hub shifting problem

Hi everybody!

I found this video from Terry:

In 0:50: This is what happens when you forget to torque the bearing caps!

I want to know how often it happens. ( Is this the thing what you need to control before every ride?

Thank you for your answers.

The bearing cap on the knurled side needs to be sufficiently tight, but not too tight. The proper range is relatively narrow and takes some practice to get it right. I recommend blue LocTite on the threads.

For me, on the knurled side I will get to hand tightness, then give about another half-turn to each bolt. Maybe three-quarters. You want the bolt to be giving you some real resistance, but not be totally cranked down.

Once it’s dialed in, it usually stays that way for a long time. And if they’re too loose, it’ll generally fail quickly after a shift to high gear (or occasionally while torquing hard uphill or trying to brake downhill); I don’t know if a pre-ride check will get you much.

Thank you very much for your answer tholub.

I feel more confident using a torque wrench. Mine cost $40-50.
Park Tool TW-1

Hey MilanMUni, ever since I lined the bearing cap with a thin strip of aluminum tape, which molded perfectly to he knurled bearing, I have had no more bearing slips.

Thank you Terry.