Schlumpf Hub or Schlumpf 29er

Alright, I’ve waited long enough.

I’m in the marked for a Schlumpf, either just the hub, or already in a 29er of some type, or in a wheelset.

If it’s in a wheelset or a complete unicycle, I’m a bit skeptical of rims wider than 38mm, this will be for road only, running smaller tires.

I’ve poo-poo’d the existing ratio enough, now I want one :D.

I’ll buy outright, or I have two other 29ers that I’d trade+cash in my sig.


With the 2014 hubs coming out soon, this would be the ideal time to sell…

schlumf Uni 29r

How old would you go?

If it’s been well maintained and has relatively low mileage, I’m open to anything if the price is reasonable.

How Old!

Original Square Taper. On the left #00102 Schlumf 29"! Oh yes, also open for trade/negotiation with you only at this point! Sorry Forum.

nice one.
what is the frame on the right?
a suspended unicycle?

One on right.

One on right is experiment in road suspension, w/ schlumpf. Early attempt.
Look up suspension to see other versions of same for Muni. Seat flattened as seen earlier on forum.

Found one locally.