Schlumpf hub, happy to ship internationally

Selling on behalf of one of our customers.

The hub is the one pictured in this thread:

Note that it isn’t actually an 09 hub. This was the date their previous hub developed a fault. The replacement hub was not received from Florian until early 2010. The hub serial number is M0262 and the hub has not seen much use since it was built up into a wheel.

The price for the hub only is NZ$1500 + postage.

We are happy to ship to countries outside of NZ and can give you a postage quote if you are interested in purchasing.

Also if you need any parts to go with it we can combine an order from NZ with the hub, so that you can save on shipping. If you want to check what we currently have in stock see

Peter NZ

Im interested in the hub. Could you calculate shipping to Tacoma, Washington ( Seattle) USA. I might want a KH frame also. I have a Nimbus 36 and a Nimbus 26 muni.



Cool, Shannon!
I’m not going to interfere with Shannon’s potential purchase, but might be interested if it doesn’t work out. In that case, I’d be interested to know what shipping would be to Missoula, Mt, USA.