Schlumpf Hub - Freewheel While Hopping

On rare occasions, while hopping in place, my Schlumpf hub would go into freewheel. I would be hopping along fine and all of a sudden, the cranks slipped. When it happens, I would jump off so I can’t tell whether if it freewheeled for a few degrees or completely. It happens so infrequently and randomly, I don’t know how to troubleshoot it. Is that normal? Is it not recommended to hop on the Schulmpf hub?

Just to clarify, freewheel happens while hopping in 1:1.

Is there a chance you are hitting the shift button with your heel?

This quote is taken from the “Schlumpf hubs: General Discussion” thread. Sounds like Schlumpf hubs are prone to freewheeling issues (or at least your issue isn’t the first).

For a while, I thought that was the case so I didn’t think much about it until the last couple of times when it happened, I was certain that my right heel wasn’t near the button.

By the way, other than occasionally freewheeling while hopping, my hub has been working perfectly since Silva Cycles installed it two years ago.

@DirtyPuddle, I’m fortunately that I don’t have freewheeling issues while riding or shifting. My issue is only while hopping…and it’s just occasional. I;m curious to know if anyone else had experienced it and whether it’s not recommended to hop on a Schlumpf hub.

If you have a different unicycle to do the hopping on, like a Trials, I’d recommend that. :slight_smile: A wheel without Schlumpf will also be lighter; better for hopping! But your Schlumpf has a splined axle, and a KH logo on it, so it should be able to take quite a bit of abuse. Make sure your feet aren’t getting into the buttons, and you’re probably pretty safe.

I’m pretty sure it happened when my heel is no where near the button. The purpose of my hopping is to just stay in place (i.e. waiting at a stop lights, waiting for other riders, etc.), not for trials. I’m hopping rapidly but only about 1/2" off the ground. Guess I’ll have to practice to do long still stand instead. :slight_smile:

Or you can do short stillstands. People new to hopping tend to bounce like a pogo stick, which isn’t as good at “slow bouncing” due to the springy part of the hops. On a unicycle you can take your time, making just one hop every few seconds once you get situated.

As for me, I use traffic stops to “enhance my circulation”. :slight_smile: Generally, I’m spending plenty of time in the saddle anyway, and don’t mind dismounting and mounting. Plus, if there’s an audience of motorists or pedestrians, they usually appreciate seeing how I get back on. Or I just lean on a post if there is one, and ride away when the light changes.