Schlumpf hub beginning again

So my new uni arrived, so happy with it, looks amazing.
Bought a KH 26 from and although there was a bit of delay with delivery (dhl’s fault not anyone elses) it has arrived.

So I have pretty much only Everett ridden 20 inch wheels. I got on, wobbly free mount and was away. I was a bit surprised how quickly I adapted to 26" it’s a bit different, but generally pretty easy, I can feel a hint of slop, but still easy to ride. And not my other unis feel slow.

So all going well so far
Let’s try that little gold button.

Well here’s where things change.
I just cannot ride it at all. Not even nearly.
I can barely stay on it even holding on to a lamppost. Try to move the uni shoots forwrd, I try to correct, then bam, I’m off and beautiful new uni is flying off into the bushes.

So I know many others have been here before, and I really know what I need to do, give it time at 26, and adapt, and then practice practice practice, but any hints to adapting to the really big 'virtual 39"

So I feel like a new unicyclist again, in all the good ways, excited by new things, new toy to play with, but also some of the frustration about wanting so much to be able to do it, but Not succeeding.

Just a little annoyed i didn’t get it first time, or second, or third,…or tenth.

try to think of it as a bigger unicycle, lean forward more than you would and if you can, try and learn how to shift, riding a Guni in high gear was easier for e with more momentum. this is just from my personal experience of about a day where i learned how to shift and ride a geared 24 and geared 26

I don’t think it’s the same as a bigger unicycle. Riding in high gear is more difficult. But I agree, that you could learn how to shift first instead of starting in high gear (which is REALLY difficult) because more momentum makes riding in high gear a LOT easier. Moreover shifting is a skill you will want to learn sooner or later.

All sounds good advice
I am working on shifting, but its hard with these reall grippy pinned pedals. I think I’ll take a few pins out

But yes was trying starting out in high gear and was getting nowhere. Did feel if I could just get going I’d be ok. So I guess the shift is the key

Thanks for the help and will let you know how it goes

just remember that eventually come to you, I tried a Guni about a year after i started riding and had the same trouble you did, but then I tried a year later and it was easy as pie

I do understand your pain. The first 9 months I had mine I was pretty frustrated. I had to shift by hand because I couldn’t reach the button with my small foot. Once I changed to shorter cranks, I was able to shift. It took a little while to get the shifting down but I was successful enough to be able use second gear without any trouble. I had a terrible time when I tried to start in second gear. I recommend you don’t go too slow when you shift from low to high. You don’t have to go really fast but my shifts are most successful when I’m moving at a good pace. I did take a few pins from my pedals. I roll my ankle in to hit the button so I don’t think less pins really helps me. Good luck and don’t give up. I almost sold mine out of frustration. I’m glad I waited.

Change to non-pin plastic pedals and save these for later when you will be banging them up less.

Try free mounting in high gear. On a down hill grade if you can find one. It will be easier to get the hang of it if on a static mount facing down hill.

Or find a fence, wall or railing. Use it for the first revolution as you get started.

When you start in high gear or shift up to high gear try to put almost no weight on the front pedal for the first pedal stroke. If you do push on the pedal the wheel will leap out from under you. On the second pedal stroke only light pressure. Then start adding increasing pressure as you start to get your body forward of the wheel.

Have fun. Soon you will be hooked on high gear.


I know it sounds backwards but find somewhere that you can upshift at the bottom of a slight incline. When you are riding uphill you can keep constant pressure on the cranks and you won’t feel any slop. It gets rid of one of the factors that make riding a geared unicycle more difficult than a fixed one.

Also, If you don’t have a handle, get one.

The gearing torque goes directly into the frame and into your seat and handle. Let your arm take the push/pull of the frame rather than your pelvis.


+1 Excelent advice

If you have access to other unicyclists with 36" wheels, give one a try if you can. It helps a lot if you’re familiar with the wheel size, as the high gear makes it harder.

Also, don’t try to ride too slow in the high gear. you’ll need a base amount of speed for smooth riding. On my 36", it’s pretty sketchy below 8 mph (13 kph).

A mixed bag of suggestions from the experts …

I love it. Some of my favorite unicycle rides should never have happened. Either I would need to have this crutch, never do that, or think if the experts can not who am I to think I should try.

I suggest you not listen to any of us and just go out and have a blast. You will then figure out what works best for you. Which is what you will need to do sometime anyway.


All good ideas and I appreciate the help. I’m not sure if I can get hold of a 36. So going to keep plugging away
Still not got it yet
I think some temporary non pinned plastic pedals is a great idea

But would have never though to try the shift up hill, but seems to make sense. Will give them all a try

Thanks again
I will get it.

I got it!!!

i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it i got it


so excited

so thoughtid put a few idea into practive on my partial commute on my new Guni
i have been getting off the train 1 extra stop early each day (now im riding about half the way)

I didnt have time to get new pedals, didnt have time to take pins out, but i chose a different pair of shoes, with almost slick bottom,
muc easier to scoot about on the pedals.

then i scoot about, feel my ankel bone knocking on the button on the down stroke, again , again, again, then boom
we’re inhigh gear, and … the unis on the floor again.

repeat 3 or so times, then
im up im in high gear , and riding. managed about 300-400M, and a big down slope, with loads of pedestrians, so knock knock on the left and im in low gear again.

managed and up shift and down shift without falling.

the rest of the way, managed 5-6 good upshifts, and 2 more good downshifts.

this thing is AWESOME!
loving it !

thanks for the help everyone

It’s a new and strange pleasure isn’t it. :wink: