Schlumpf hub and brakes

I’m a bit new to muni and off road riding
I’ve done little bits with my trials uni and have really enjoyed it. So this Christmas it’s time for a new toy. I’m going for a 26 guni. So it’s all new to me and I’ve never ridden a uni this big or gears And I’ve never had brakes. I anticipate the learning curve to be steep. And plan on some very easy trails for a long time until I get used to the whole set ip

My question is. Should I start out with the uni as is. Or should I get a brake right from the start. Or add later. How different will a brake make things I don’t think I’ll be tackling steep descents for some time, but is it worth learning to use it on easy stuff first?

Get a brake, if you are going to spend the time learning how to utilise the hub to its full potential you may as well go the whole way and learn to use a brake too. It adds a lot to your riding- saves your legs so you can smash DH in high gear without munting your legs. A guy on the forums called brycer sells 2nd hand sets for cheap. Get a longer main cable so you can mount the brake on a KH t bar or similar handlebar (you will want a proper handle on your GMuni). Or you could hold off a bit and see what happens with the development of disc brakes over the christmas season.

I would hold off on the brakes for now. If you want to get rim brakes Bryce is your man, but I think that disks are the future.

Right now if you want a disk brake with a Schlumpf you would have to use the Mountain Uni Disk break setup which works quite well but the sinz cranks that are currently used aren’t all that great. Both MU and KH and set to release much better crank mounted disk brake systems in the not so distant future (think may/june)

The current issue with disks on a Schlumpf hub are that the spindle on the Schlumpf is a tad short and you need to use a spacer to prevent the cranks from creeping with the disk brakes. It’s hard to get a spacer small enough to get the crank on the hub securely and still have clearance for the disk.

After this post I’ve been giving real thought to the disc options. They certainly look great and seem very promising.

With the next generation of disc brake set up is the setup with a schlumpf hub likely Yo be any simpler? Reading about the work arounds people are doing to get the MU system to work makes my brain hurt. I’m really not sure I have the mechanical nouse to set that up. If the next generation is likely to be more of the same but nicer cranks, I’m not sure that’s for me

Yes, I do have loads of hydraulic rim brakes here for any uni riders that feel a need. They are simple and most unicycle frames made today accept Magura four bolt rim brake mounts . . . tho with all the disk talk now, I’m kinda feeling like a buggy whip manufacturer might have felt in 1910 with the coming horse holocaust and the Model T automobile . . . .

Lemme know what you need.
Dinosaur Bryce