Schlumpf geared uni test ?

Anyone gotten a chance to test ride the Schlumpf geared uni ?

Any commentary ?
- on their 2 sizes, 24" or 28" ?
- on their craftmanship / hub functionality / etc ?
- on any other geared uni which might be available for purchase ?

A friend is excited to buy.

Re: Schlumpf geared uni test ?

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 21:55:45 -0600, “trailguy” wrote:

>Anyone gotten a chance to test ride the Schlumpf geared uni ?

I was hoping that there would be some response. But I guess that
no-one on these forums has laid their hands on one yet.

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Somebody buy one!!!

I got a mail from Florian at Schlumf only this evening saying that they still had not finished things and they just needed time… and this was in short supply.


If it means anything, I’ve tried a hookworm (26") blueshifted uni. You don’t want to go smaller than 26" for getting anywhere.


I was just looking at the Schlumpf Website and it says he will be touring the US in February. If he’s coming to your town you can do a test ride.

could you post a link please?

From the top toolbar, click on “Unicycle” then “News” for the US tour schedule. It sounds ambitious. And too much fun!


Awwwww:( he’s not comming to Vermont…

He isn’t even coming to the Western United States… bummer.

He’s got Washington on the list. I just hope that’s Washington state and not Washington DC. :slight_smile:
Along with BC Canada. Maybe he’s going to BC to see Kris and his geared Coker.

My guess is that he’ll be in Washington for the Seattle Bicycle Expo show on February 19-20. But that’s just a guess. The Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show (a bicycle and sports expo) is also that same weekend.

That was my first thought when I saw the dates.

I just emailed on behalf of the commonwealth of Virginia. This might be worth another meeting of virginia riders.

You mean you’re actually going to buy one?

Price 1300 dollars not including taxes, VAT etc.

That is one expensive toy!


No, we were talking about their “USA Tour”. One of their stops is in Virginia and they are offering chances for demo rides. If they are coming anywhere near me, we can probably arrange a meeting of virginia riders for a test ride.

…although, I wouldn’t rule out buying one in the future.

I hope he is coming to Seattle. I bookedmarked the page so I can check as the date gets closer. If the Seattle unicycle mailing list finds out they should send out an email before it happens so everyone can try it out. I really want to buy one if they work well and don’t cost too much.

1300 dolars isn’t bad… :astonished:

Being an early adopter of new stuff has its disadvantages. You end up paying a lot of money only to watch those toys get cheaper later on.

I spent more than $1300 (USD) on my KH muni. Now you can buy a KH muni for about $500 (USD) that is better. That’s the way it goes. The advantage I got is that I had a bombproof KH muni for several years before the cheaper version came out.

The cost of the Schlumpf unicycle hub will likely go down after the initial run. It sounds like this batch may be low volume production pieces. When production gets going the cost may go down.

Only time will tell, but my prediction is that they will never make more than the initial run of 100. When it comes to the geared uni, it seems like people are interested in checking them out, but not forking out the dough. It seems like nobody on this forums is willing to pay $1300 for one. I won the auction for the SH/harper for less that that and that was when only one was available.