Schlumpf Geared Hub!!!!!!


HOLY Crap this is killer deal…

Why? I thought you could get the whole unicycle for like 2 grand…?

Yeah and add $50 worth of cranks, about 100. for a frame, 75 for a nice rim and some spokes, pedals, seat, post. BANG, Schlumph for 1400.00 ta dah.

Or if you happen to own a 29 already, swap out your hub and you can Schlump for the 1000.00 it costs for the hub…

Not really, you can order it from Schlumpf for $918 before shipping.

um yea

put it on the nimbus 36r frame you have to form it in(cold set) …but that no problem and it has the hole for the arm on the hub so if you wanna go really fast do it. or make a frame its a killer deal if you like the 2 speed idea
hey is the second one down the schlumphf/KH geared muni?

How come they’re so much, is it because they’re not being mass produced yet.