Schlumpf Geared Hub

Hey all,

I am selling my Schlumpf geared hub. I received this hub in November 2013 built into a 29er wheel from Silva Cycles. In December 2013 I rebuilt it into a 36er wheel, which it is still built as. This hub has around 200 miles on it. The thing is a total blast, but honestly, when I need to get somewhere fast, my bike is more practical and less nerve racking.

I would prefer to sell the hub only, but if you are really interested in a 36er Schlumpf wheel, let me know and we can talk. If someone wants the hub only, they will get priority.


Serial: M 0585
Price: $1300 (feel free to make a reasonable offer, the worst I can do is say no)
Includes: Schlumpf book and tools. No grease (used for some bicycle bearings, but others sell extra Schlumpf grease for cheap). One extra Schlumpf crank bolt.
Shipping: I will cover shipping for hub only in the Continental US. If you want the wheel we can discuss shipping.

Pictures are availible on request for serious inquiries.


Whoops, correction for above. The wheel was received in November 2012, and rebuilt in December 2012, not 2013. My bad.

Also, here are some pictures.


I’m interested. I’ve sent a pm.




I PMed you back. I actually sold the wheel and shipped it this morning.