Schlumpf commuters

Hey all ya guni commuters out there, I had a couple questions.

If you ride every day, how often do you check your torque? Primarily on the cranks. I’ve had some bad experiences off the bat with crank bolts and my buttons so I’m very gun shy at the moment. (Lost a button and realized how soft the crank bolts are)

Second, how do you handle wet or dusty riding? Many seem to leave their schlumpf home when it’s raining, but does anyone still take theirs out?

I know this is not the space station we’re talking about, and muniers put their schlumpf through a lot of abuse. But I’m talking about some prolonged exposure as I will be riding it every day (hopefully).


I dont use mine everyday, it’s been collecting dust for a while. But I only check when I feel something moving. I probably should check more often, but so far I’ve never had a problem with it, I never lost anything either! :slight_smile:

I’m using mine once a week for commute + muni on most of the weekends and I check my cranks like once in a month or so. Lately I was changing disc so after remounting cranks I’m checking it more often, but I guess if it will be OK for several checks I will get back to checking once I remembered.
I’m riding it also in rain and snow and I don’t see any problem with that. I guess it is nothing compared to heavy muni mud that it gets sometime.
And my screws were getting loose only the first time my LBS did not lock them properly. Now I’m using my 2mm hex key until it bends a bit and they sit still until I touch them next time.

I don’t leave my house without a unicycle.

I dont check my schlumpf more often then all my other unicycles.(the ones from the circus are enough) every time i change from winter to summer tire i put some oil in the hub.

and i leave it outside at every weather.

Thanks guys. I’ll prolly start to loosen up a bit then. I love riding it to work so far.