Schlumpf button problem

I keep losin’ 'em. I like my buttons to project a fair amount, so when last at the bike shop, my mechanic (excellent Mike from New Paltz’s “Bike Rack” shop) put on some goopy stuff that was sposed to keep the little buttons from coming off.

Well,… it worked for a few minutes. But on my ride home today, I tried to downshift, and suddenly I realized that the dang-blasted button had fallen off.

So, does anyone have a recommendation so that I can keep on my buttons while still having them project enough?

By the way, I should note that since getting the guni back from Florian recently, the thing rides like a charm. I’ve shifted at considerable speed (nearly 10mph) in both directions. I’m loving this uni once again. Now I just need some more buttons.

um is it possible to get larger (longer) buttons so that they will still be adjusted in the normal position but still project further, or you could try something like araldite to glue em on…

Have you thought about trying the easy shift levers that Schlumpf make? They might be worth a try, rather than running with your buttons loose.

Alternatively, is there some way you can put a washer or nut or something under the buttons so that they screw down less far but are still tight?

Or attach something to the buttons themselves so that they stick out more.


That sounds like a great idear