Schlumpf bearing problem

Hey guys. Been years since I posted, good to be back!

Recently acquired a Schumpf hub (serial # S00018) that’s missing it’s bearing seals on both sides. I was aware of this when I bought it, and got it very cheap, so no worries there. Just wondering what y’all thought of it:

Previous owner said he just noticed them missing one day, and stopped riding on it immediately.

It seems to shift fine. Feels perhaps a little gritty inside. The gold side bearing seems to be sealed from the inside, the silver side does not (can see the inner clockwork through it).

So here’s my questions, numbered for easy reference:

  • Has this problem been seen before?
  • Should I make a project of it? (Take it apart, flush it out with clean oil, and have new bearings pressed in.)
  • If so, could/should I get replacement bearings from Florian or are they a standard ID/OD and strength?
  • Or could/should I send it to Florian?
  • How does his warranty work? I assume I would void it if I opened it up. But is it even valid for a second owner? Is there a year limit? I didn't ask the previous owner when he bought it, but I'm sure Florian would know based on the serial number. [/LIST]

    Also, I didn’t see this one on the serial number reference thread, but it looked like there might be a google doc version now or something. I’d be happy to add it to whatever list is being used now.


  • Grr. I’m out of practice inserting images. I used a shareable link from my Google Drive, but I suppose it doesn’t point directly to the image file. Here’s the links:

    I’ve never seen this before, but I haven’t seen everything.

    I probably have more questions than answers, like where did the seals go? I guess they broke off and split into pieces? But then is the missing inner seal getting ground up inside the hub? yikes

    I’d send your message to Florian and see what his recommendation is.
    It sometimes takes a while for a response, so you might want to get that ball rolling while you wait for others to chime in here.

    Attaching the pics to the thread :wink:



    Message sent.

    Thx Siddhartha.

    The position of the balls in the ball bearing doesnt look good. Do these bearings have no cage?

    broken bearing ! usual issue with this generation of Schlumpf

    It looks like you have one of the first ones! Looks like they’ve changed a bit since then.
    I would call them up and ask about it. There’s a phone number on their web page, just try to time it so it’s business hours over there. I called them once and the response was friendly and helpful. (They speak English.)

    good luck!

    Let us know what the outcome is.

    Florian got back to me today. He says he will repair it for 210 CHF (about 220 USD). I think this is reasonable considering the low price I paid for the hub. He did not mention the best way to ship/pay for it. I have no experience sending or paying for stuff overseas. I sent him another email asking, but in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and ask y’all as well :).

    Anyone know what method Florian prefers for shipping and payment from US?

    Finally getting around to shipping my hub to Florian.

    Forgive this ignorant American, but how does that work? Not only have I never shipped something overseas, but I’m unfamiliar with Swiss postal address format. Is this it? (from his website):

    schlumpf innovations gmbh
    CH - 7324 Vilters, Switzerland

    Looks like some folks recommend sending it UPS Express. Any other methods I should look into?


    Oh, or is this it right here?

    Dorfstrasse 10
    7324 Vilters, Switzerland

    I recommend emailing them and asking that exact question. I’ve found that they respond quickly to emails. (email because then the written format will be right there.) Good luck!