Schlumpf 36er

See my eBay listing

that is a screaming deal i hope to get

that is one sweet unicycle!

Why are you Selling it

Selling it because it’s the one ridden least. It is a beatiful machine. Clean. Shifts like new. The wheel is round and true. It’s as good as new except for those minor seat scuffs.

how long have you had it? How many miles have you put on it?

I bought it new about two years ago. I have not kept track of the mileage. It has not had a computer mounted. Certainly less than 100 miles. More than 20.

There are at least 2 “generations” of the non-splined Schlumph hub. Do you know if this is a first generation or second generation? Also , do you know what size bearings are on it?

I am pretty sure schulmpf is on its third generation of non-splined hubs. The newest generation has a knurled bearings like the new KH/schlumpf and I believe that the first gen hubs were re-called and replaced with second gen hubs. 1st and 2nd gen hubs had 40x12mm bearings with 90mm spacing

I am curious what length the cranks are on there. 160mm?
And while I am asking questions would you ship to Canada? Didn’t see anything about that on the eBay page.

I am surprised there is not more interest in this unicycle. There is only 4 and a half hours left and it is still at $500! looks like someone will get a good deal on a geared 36er

So elares: I ask again, would you consider shipping to Canada? Or does anyone in North Dakota or Montana want to buy this for me?:slight_smile:

Ugh, someone bid $750 right before I did…

750 was a good deal for this.

I advise whoever bought this to ask roger udc uk how to properly fit a nimbus frame to it as that schlumpf 36er frame will hit your legs while riding if you are not really tall.