Schlumpf 36er crank arms?

Anyone here with a schumplf 36 Guni, what length crank arms do you find being optimum length…


I have a 36er geared to 54 with a Harper hub. I’m pretty happy using 152s.

I tried a geared 36 (harper hub) with 150s and it seemed like a pretty good size. Hans Fiby had (it got stolen) a schlumpf 36 and used 170mm cranks which seemed to fit him pretty well.

If I were to have a geared 36 I would probably start with 150s and then mess around with the next longest crank size and the next smallest crank size to see which one gave me the most controlled and comfortable fast average speed.

A schlumpf 36??? How fast are you going??? BTW I am 5’8" and have a n36. I tried 170’s for control and literally could hardly reach the pedal on the down stroke.

A geared 36er is great! It’s not so much about top speed, but about going fast more comfortably, and maintaining a higher average speed.

to go 15+ mph on a regular 36er, you have to spin like mad, but on a geared up 36er it’s much more casual. It’s very noticeable when going down a mild slope. You almost don’t notice how fast you’re going.

Less saddle-soreness too!

I am thinking 152s but I recall someone saying when geared, pedaling becomes mashing and I was wondering if people are running 160s maybe
I have been waiting a while for the hub and it is finally being put together and hopefully I will have it in a week or two.
Schlumpf hub
Air foil rim
14ga stainless spokes
Nimbus 36 frame
T-7 handle
KH rail adapt seatpost
KH seat
Waiting is the hardest part!

Who has the other Harper hubbed 36er nowdays?

Last I heard, Ryan Atkins had it. That was a long time ago, though.