Schlumpf 29"

My 29" Schlumpf unicycle is for sale for 800 euros. I have clocked 1200 km on it, as most of my geared riding was on my 36" Schlumpf which I bought a little later.


  • Schlumpf "street" hub, so it accepts all square taper cranks.
  • Schlumpf 29" frame.
  • Schlumpf 152 mm cranks.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tyre 2.35".
  • KHE Stimulatorz pedals, modified by me with additional metal studs (removable).
  • Brake. Can be set to operate no-handed; I don't know the English word for that.
  • Nimbus T7 handle with adjustable angle (rail adapter).
  • Kris Holm Freeride seat.
  • Additional set of 170 mm Schlumpf cranks.
I'm prepared to ship worldwide - buyer pays shipping from The Netherlands. Or you come over to collect it :) Sorry for the Dutch text in some images. I guess you get the gist of it.