Schlumpf 27.5” KH Muni $1600 San Jose CA

Selling my Kris Holm 27.5” Schlumpf geared unicycle.

-tubeless 27.5” Hans Dampf tire
-KH fusion saddle
-KH T bar
-KH 29” frame
-Schlumpf Muni ISIS drive hub
-125mm moment ISIS drive cranks

Good condition overall. I’m switching to two wheels after commuting on this daily during college. Great unicycle!

Pickup locally in San Jose California area or we may be able to work out shipping.


Hello… Great Uni & Glad you got some good communing with it !!! Good luck switching back to two…

I am in Virginia so I would have to organize shiping, which is a bit more expensive than I had hoped…

I would be most grateful if you could consider $1500, just to help a wee bit with the shipping… Can send cash immediately…

Assuming you are happy with state and oiling of the Schlumpf hub, we should be good to roll

very best / Daniel Lea

PS… Do you think it hard to fit a brake to your setup?


If the sale didn’t go through, I’m local to San Jose.

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