Schlumpf 26" KH wheel

I’ve decided to sell my Schlumpf hub, set up in a 26" wheel. It’s a little less than a year old, works great, only about 150 miles on the hub, and maybe half that on the rim. I’ve only used KH moment cranks on it, and only installed them with a cranksetter bolt and torque wrench. I’ve also only put on bearing holders with torque wrench. No drops more than a curb, and very little hopping - it’s been just on-road and cross-country trails.

Why I am selling: As much as I enjoy the hub, I’ve discovered two things that I didn’t expect. First, it has led me to avoid riding with my kids, which is not a good thing. I can ride with them and just keep it in low gear, but once you’ve ridden a Schlumpf in high gear, it’s pretty frustrating to ride in just low gear. I used to ride with others on my 29er, but I put my guni wheel in the 29er frame, so I’ve currently just got the guni and my 36er. So instead of riding with my kids and a few other riders I know locally, I’ve just been riding by myself. I want to get back to being more social, particularly with my boys, and it won’t happen while I have the Schlumpf around, it’s too addictive, I just need to quit cold turkey. Second reason is that after breaking my leg, I realize I don’t necessarily want to get as far into the back country as the guni can get me. Maybe I can’t crawl as far as I go on the 29er either, but it just seems a little safer. (No, I don’t blame the Schlumpf for my leg, and no, fear is not causing me to be compulsive about selling it - reason #1 has been on my mind for a while.)

What you get:

  • Schlumpf hub, KH type, #M 0392. Purchased in February, 2011 from
  • Built into KH 26" muni rim, purchased ~May, 2011. No dents or dings.
  • Professional wheel build with double-butted spokes, Hellgate Cyclery, Missoula MT.
  • KH rim strip with green tape over it (just for color).
  • Maxxis Ardent 2.4" tire, lightly used, no visible wear.
  • Schlumpf manuals - color in German, b&w in English.
  • Schlumpf tool set - socket wrench hex for cranks (has only been used for to install KH moments, 2 times); button wrench; 2mm button lock wrench (only used twice).
  • Crank-setter bolt - regular ISIS crank bolt I drilled a hole through (see discussion in Schlumpf threads).
  • 4 1/2, 5ml tubes of Schlumpf spec hub grease from MuniOrBust (
  • Spokes for Schlumpf 29" wheel build, double-butted, only slightly used (my first wheel build was in the 29er).
Note, this is not a complete uni, just Schlumpf hub in 26" wheel with the stuff listed above (no frame, no seat, no cranks, etc.)

$1,350 plus shipping from Missoula, MT.

I prefer not to ship internationally. Delivery to Seattle area might be possible in April.
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wheel is sold, thanks.