Schlumpf 2016 (complete uni)

Hi everybody,

after repeatedly having complains from my non-bionic knees, I am considering selling my Schlumpf :’(

It is a 2016 model assembled end of last spring by the French uni shop I do not have an odo on it but I guess that I rode between 200 & 400 km (100% of it on the road). I chose 24" because it made for the perfect travel uni as it fits in a standard checked-in luggage.

The main parts (Schlumpf, rim & fork) are just 6 months old and are like new. All the other parts have the usual usage marks (plastic parts of the saddle, pedals, bar ends) or a slight decoloration for the KH Zero blue stripes.

Here is the details of the build:

  • Schlumpf 2016 hub (M858)
  • light green Mad4One 24" (47mm) rim
  • Maxxis HollyRoller 24x2.4 wirebead but light tire (
  • Slime puncture resistant tube
  • light green Mad4One L aluminium fork (24x4.0 / 26x4.0 / 29x3.0), with the bearing caps inner-lip grinded for Schlumpf hubs by Mad4One before shipping
  • KH Spirit 110/137 cranks (bought at the same time as the hub and installed by the shop before shipping)
  • green Wellgo B223 pedals (unfortunately, they are darker than I expected when I ordered them)

Is also included with the uni:

  • a Kenda Kinetics 24x2.6 tire with a second Slime puncture resistant tube
  • a Vee Mission 24x4.0 tire with a downhill tube

Here is the choices for the saddle:

  • either a black Nimbus Gel saddle (with black or white bumper/handle) and an adjustable KH seatpost
  • or a KH Zero saddle with a pivotal seatpost (150mm - to be measured again)

Here is the handlebar choices:

  • either a Nimbus Shadow base with straight uncut T and standard bar ends
  • or an original KH T-bar with the KH triangular bar ends
  • or no handlebar

I can make also the following changes to the package:

  • I think I have a disc brake somewhere (I never took the time to install it) and a disc (may be missing some bolts...)
  • for the plastic pedals haters, I can swap the pedals for aluminium Snafu ones
  • I can replace the Mad4One fork for a Triton Triple one (+270 euros)

Price: 1800 euros (shipping from Germany NOT included)

It’s been suggested that the new price tag can be useful information too.
Ballpark estimate in new is about 2200 euros…

  • Schlumpf hub + rim + cranks + spokes & nipples + shop wheel building = 1700 euros
  • fork + pedals = 200 euros
  • KH zero + pivotal + T-bar = 60 + 25 + 60 = 145 euros
  • 3 tires & 2 tubes = 20 + 40 + 50 + 2*10 = 130 euros

Price: 1700 euros (shipping from Germany NOT included)


Can you post pictures of the Triton fork?