schlumf unicycle

Just out of curiosity, how many people actually own a schlumf unicycle? I thought they were just a novelty kind of thing but apparently not.

I ponder on this as well, i have heard of them, but never seen them. Seems like some kind of uni-ghost to me

Well they’re worth a preety penny. If i was 2 get 1. It would be worth $2,500 australian dollars. But seeing one would be nice. :smiley:

I have ridden one! They are nuts! If they were cheaper, I would have one. But alas, they are around $1300USD

damn, you’re lucky. I wanna ride one. it sounds interesting

Yeah I tried one too the same time Eroik did, it was alot of fun, i would really love to have one of these machines, maybe once I start working after I get my coker prettied up, my trials fixed up, my 26er built, my miyata customized longneck bought… ok it will probably never happen…

Loosemoose has a 36" custom built schlumpf coker, carbon seat, aluminium frame etc. It’s quite a laugh, I rode it in the Unicon Marathon. Having said that, the play in the hub bugs me, I’d feel more comfortable riding a normal 36" than a schlumpf at high speed any day.

Was that the one he took a tumble on?

If you’re referring to his accident at crawley, yes.

I rode Bryan Mackenzie’s 29er sclumf and it’s pretty awesome. The amount of speed you can have is impressive

florian is a friend of the family and his dad bought all the grandkids (6 i think) a schlumpf unicycle for cristmas and none of them can unicycle so they now all sit in the basement

I’ll take one! :stuck_out_tongue:

they apparently don’t know how lucky they are…

i wanted one but they couldnt give them away becasue they were presents


Gord, at 499 posts, please learn to write a subject line. Generally it’s the first question of your post. In this case, “How many people actually own a schlumf unicycle?” That’s the topic of the thread. It’s not a general thread on Schlumpfs, of which many have already been made.

As for me, I don’t have one but someday I will…

moan moan moan… :roll_eyes:

(ha I spelt it corectly :wink: )