Schenectady NY USA MTB Race May 31st!

Perry (capuni) and I (and maybe Roland (rolandisimo)) are riding our munis this Saturday May 31st in a 6hr trail endurance event. There is a 5-mile loop in Schenectady’s Central Park and riders do as many loops as they can in the allotted time.

Schenectady is near Albany: about 2hrs north of NYC, 3 hrs south of Montreal, 3 hrs west of Boston.

The trail is rocky, rooty singletrack. Their normal race is a 2-hour event, but this weekend’s race is 6 hours! Oh, and unis are allowed, even encouraged! This is well worth a bit of a longer drive because of the event’s duration. It’s going to be grueling, err…, I mean, great!

if only i could drive and had a muni! sounds like a ton of fun, wish i could be there, and im soo close too!


aaaargh i lived there a couple of years ago and within walking distance of the park too! i wish is still lived there :frowning: have fun it is a really nice park :slight_smile:

Where are you?


Hmm. I can’t say for sure, but I can probably make it to this. I’ll see if I can get some friends to go too. It’s still a maybe though.

The trails are really great this year. I went out for a preview ride on the Saturday before Memorial Day and was very impressed with the diversity. There are plenty of logs to hop, bridges to cross, hills to climb and fall down er ride down. There are also a few sections where you can recover by spinning for a minute over some hard packed single-track.

It’s also a great spectator course. There are plenty of locations where you can see riders coming and going. So… bring the entire family, it should be a fun day for all.