Scariest uni experience

Mine was just now when my uni was back wards and the wheel came off;)

At the 2004 CMW there was a 50 foot section of trail, that had a 5-10 foot drop and a very steep hill, if you fell you would probably roll for a long distance into some trees and rcoks, the win was blowing so hard that it was almost blowing us over down the drop…

Mine was while I was on my daily 5 mile ride,headphines on and really in a zone when my shoe lace got wrapped in the crank and I went down face first,luckily I was able to get my hands out and not bust up my face. I now ride with velcro laces olny,no strings.

CAT BOY WOW! the scary part in mine is it souned like the glass door that my uni hit broke.

any of several falls off my coker in the snow that gave me a feeling of “oh shit my legs gonna snap in two”

I have had a couple of somewhat scary experiences.

  1. Yesterday when I tried to do a transition from chin on seat to seat drag, then fell off and sprained my ankle.
  2. Riding down the shoulder of the road between Lake Louise and Lake Louise Village in the Canadian National Parks at high speed with huge tour buses passing me about five feet away.

On my dayly comute, I was riding to school allong a side street. I ride in the middle because there isn’t usually much trafic, and I hate going along sidewalks or weaving around parked cars. A block away, paralell to the street I was riding on, there’s a busy street. Well on this fateful day, an aqua blue ford came speeding down the street perpendicular to the one I was on. Luckily I saw it just in time to dismount, but I kind of froze at the same time (right in the intersection). Well lucky for me, the driver saw me and hit the brakes. With an awful screech, the car came to a stop but barely hit me, kind of a nudge. I was shaking pretty hard, but the whole time, I somhow knew I wasn’t going to be hit.

I looked in through the windsheild. The driver was on her cell phone. That pretty much pissed me off. I hate cell phones, and the more I thaught about it, the more pissed I was. What happend next you probably won’t beleive so, I won’t write it. Don’t want to waste the story on a dead audience.

please tell me please i have one close to yo but it happend to my sister and she was on a bike.

I want to know! please do tell.

we well belive you i have had my fare share of unbelieveble experincese

Yes please do, you must remeber we are a bunch of people that ride unicycle, so anything is believable/possible.

Come on its unbelieveble that i am learning to hop on a SUN 20" coem on please

Well actually I’m kind of embarased about this part, but here goes:
She got out of the car, and I picked up my uni and brought the tire crashing down on her hood leaving a pretty big gash. I then preformed a flawless rolling mount and was away as fast as I could ride. She chased me about half a block and then ran back to her car. I sped into an alley and hid by a dumpster for a couple of minutes. When I realized I had ten minutes till school would start and I still had about 15 blocks to go, I left. I haven’t seen her or the car to this day (which I am very happy about). It’s true, so don’t even…


Wow that is awesome! I believe it too. I’ve almost thrown a rock through a car window for some stupid stuff they were doing.



Sweet! Teach that woman to respect. That representin’!!! It’s ok though, I swore that if a car ever hit me, my dogs, my uni, or anyone I valued, I would run up and start pummeling the driver, unnless they were huge and could beat me up, in which case I would beat their car, even if it was an old lady that couldn’t see…

I don’t know, was I?

lol not hear