Scariest/Most Dangerous thing you've done while unicycling

Title gives it away… whats yours

I was thinkin about this cause a couple of years ago I was riding out the back of my house in the dirt and I ran straight over the top of an Eastern Brown snake (apparently the second most venomous in the world) i could have died hahaha! scared the shit out of me… but after it flicked itself into my spokes and tried to attack my dog it went on its way … back to the wood pile… man took a wide berth round it for a while…

I was riding on a sidewalk, and a poorly timed UPD sent my uni flying towards a car driving in the street. Thankfully, the seat caught on the ground and slowed it down, so no crashes were caused, but oh man my breath caught for a second there… Gonna be more careful next time.

Wow, yeah I have only had a run in with a rattlesnake that was catching some sun on the trail, I was walking up the steep incline with the uni and I didn’t see the snake until I was in the process of stepping over it and then I jumped back and waited for him to rattle and slither away. If I was riding muni in Australia I would constantly be looking for snakes, it seems like everything there is deadly.

I was busking in Deadwood, SD during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I gather a crowd from atop the giraffe, and as bikers of all sizes gathered around - I opened with the classic “What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?” joke. They actually laughed at the joke and allowed me to live another day.

BTW the answer: On a Hoover the dirtbag is inside.

If you could see some of the stage risers I had to unicycle on you would say that was pretty dangerous. Many times I rode in a “No UPD” zone. where falling off would have likely killed myself or someone else.

I’ve ridden behind Tom Blackwood.

some would argue that unicycling anywhere is dangerous. dangerous to sperm maybe

… I have too many

One that sticks out was when I fell doing a 360 unispin on my muni at a few thousand ft cliff edge. I got bucked off the uni toward the cliff and caught myself right before going over.

i was doing a wrapwalk on a wall when it was totally dark, on the other side the wall was about 2 meters high and next to a cemetery. suddenly i heard a scary noise coming from the cemetery and nearly fell off. that was SCARY =D


My guess at the punchline before I read yours:

“Nothing…they both suck”.

i’ve really done nothing dangerous.

unicycling is too safe:)

did a faceplant on a b*ke though! that tops all of my unicycling injuries.

I’m with you on that one. After three major bike accidents in three years of riding I kept mostly to unicycling. Sold my bike 16 years ago because I hadn’t used it for years. Bikes scare me, almost as much as clowns.


I got a flirty girl to get on my unicycle in Lowell, we were having fun until her pimp threatened us.

Funny how many bicyclists who go very fast on their racing bikes, or motorcyclists who go very, very, very fast with no protection are fearful of the unicycle…my scariest moments have been on bicycles.

I’m a pretty boring unicyclist I suppose, I like to just ride. The scariest thing is when strangers are watching as I’m about to freemount my Coker…stage fright.

Flying over the top of a steep hill on a narrow road on my friend’s geared 36’er in Lake Tahoe, I looked up just in time to see a cyclists nightmare. There were two cars passing with absolutely no way around them. I swerved to try and make it in between them. The uni turned, but I kept flying forward… right into the back of the truck on the right! In a very uncomfortable moment, me and the driver locked eyes in his rear view mirror. He got out and came around the back and we chatted for a little while. Because there was no damage to his truck, he wasn’t mad and I went on my way. The uni was luckily a KH, so it got away unharmed as well. I sustained a minor cut on my arm.

Yep, this about tops the list of the scariest thing I have ever done on a uni.

I dont think I’ve had much… But last week on my first Coker Muni ride there was a little hill, and I though I would’ve been able to go down without going too fast… But finaly I went super fast (and I have no brake) and I couldn’t dismount because I dont think I could run out of that speed. I didn’t fell though :slight_smile:

and his name was robert paulson.

I’m bumping this cause it gets cool stories.

Most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is probably handrails haha… Hate to love them I guess.

I’ve had plenty of drunken and violet encounters while riding around my town on my unicycle. Or night rides at events running into strange violet or drunk/drugged up people… But they don’t really count do they.

haha uhmm security guards! I had a giant black dude raging on me one time… I kinda deserved it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Then handrails

But then the one that sticks most to my mind was riding on the edge of a bridge. One side was the sidewalk and the other side was traffic. Traffic was only a few feet from the edge so if i fell off i dont think it would of been pretty.

the scariest thing i have done was today first time riding in a few months (school) i did a mini trials demo and had to do a 5ft drop infront of a large group of people.

Riding 1/3rd into the right lane of the 4-lane divided “max” 110km/hr Trans-Canada in Manitoba. I moved off the roads (onto the gravel shoulder) most times when traffic was coming, but this time there was only one van, so I figured they’d use the next lane pass me. They didn’t.

I mean, I know it’s not physically possible for a van to drive through me, but I swear this one did. I was momentarily a ghost and it drove through me. Scared the shit out of me.