I went out and rode in the snow today which was lovely. Whilst doing this I found a great big pile of gravel frozen up and covered in snow, which was fun to hop up and a nice soft landing.

Anyway, doing this I discovered that I can pretty reliably hop about a foot up. However if you put solid obstacles in the way, I can’t go anywhere near that, either I just don’t make it, or I chicken out at the last minute.

anyone got any tips for getting my hops closer to the max I’m obviously capable of? Other than not being such a scaredycat. I’ve read the thing by Kris Holm on, which is great, but it doesn’t really work for me in this situation.


You need to forget about what your doing… now I dont support drug use often… never mind… Just pratice on things that slowly get bigger. Work your way up slowly and build your confidence.