!!!scared Unicycle Injuries!!!

hello im kokomo tell me what your uni has done to you major or just a bruse whatever i dont care lets try to get lots of replys!!!add the bunny to your signature and he will have world domination!!!:smiley:


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I personally feel the perceived risk of unicycling is much higher than the actual risk. Something like a road bike or mountain bike carries you to speeds higher than humans can go without a vehicle.
Even having said that, my worst injury is a bad bruise to my shoulder after running into a stop sign on an UPD.

wasn’t there a thread awhile ago similar to this? (SEARCH!!!)

Ive broken my wrist in a backwards race…and recently(two weeks ago) Sprained my wriste doing backwards ww…

Well at least you learn from your mistakes so you can become better next time you do it so it doesn’t happen again. :smiley:

been uniing for 6 months.

  • ripped ACL
  • put kneecap out of place
  • inflamed patella tendon
  • sprained ankle


broke my wrist falling off riding backwards in the rain. slipped on the pedals and broke my wrist on the concrete. Didnt know it was broken until the next morning :smiley:

Category 3 embarrassment.

I scraped my knee!
But on a serious note, not much has happened to me, sure bumps and bruises and sprains, but I just walk it off and I’m fine, too many people don’t know how to take a fall anymore.

I have a permanent blue knee and some litle holes in my leg from pedalbytes.

Peter M

Been Cokering since '99. No injuries aside from scrapes on the Coker. When I was offroading I broke a bone near my right elbow and then two weeks later broke it again. Besides that I don’t see that much danger in unicycling. Later.


definitely agree with you on that note, I’ve been skating since I was 5 so I learned how to bail and be able to bounce back up a long time ago.

um, developed jumper’s knee syndrome, so I was out for about 6 months.

I just recently broke my elbow/arm while free mounting my 6ft girrafe for a local newspaper (i can normally do this trick very well for only being :roll_eyes: 5ft tall :roll_eyes: ) i’ve fell off my girrafe in the pittsburgh parade due to parade go-ers throwing snowballs :angry: and i cracked my knee cap and srapined my wrist that time:p

Hmm, ok no particular oder:

Really bad, BAD Hematoma of my palm after a nasty fall
Really bad, BAD Hematoma of my elbow after falling backwards attempting to ww.
Extremely bad calf-bite after unintentional coast.
Severe bruising to my back after a nasty fall on all rock trail.
Jammed finger while hopping up stacked pallets.
Bad bruises to hip on both sides after falling diff. times
Excruciating Tailbone trauma from a failed bench hop, falling and hitting tailbone directly on an exposed 1/2" exposed bolt! :astonished:
Various ankle injuries (none in a long time now) due to over extension after drops.

My only big accident (so far) is doing a superman dismount on the road while going 16.3 MPH on a coker. Needless to say i can’t run that fast, but I can slide that fast! :slight_smile:

nice! me too.:slight_smile:
as well as heat stroke (downhill muni on my trials unicycle for 4 hours in 32 C weather)

Two broken wrists, one broken humorous, and a severely fractured ego on many occasions.

i fell backwards on a rock and made my butcrack bleed… that was bad… however funny because of the dirty jokes.
facefirst into a wheelbarrow, which decided to roll … at the brand new BMW sitting about 5 feet away…
sprained wrists
permanently bruised shin w/ scars
ankle … i don’t know what i did but it still feels funny… 3 months later… i jumped off a 9 or 10 foot wall onto some sand that was a lot harder than it looked. i landed it, but my ankle shot pain up my leg…

That is very true, i learned not to ride at night in the winter on ice! OUCH :astonished: