Scans of the new On One Wheel

Nice job. Gonna have to work on Concepts / Estimate and Reading Comprehension. :slight_smile:

well yeah, there’s a difference between being smart and being smart. of course we all have the ability to read the fine print legal stuff…but hardly any of us ever do. that’s all (:

hey look! his middle name is Warren! heehee.

Lol, I should have crossed that out! Just as long as it doesn’t have my Social Security No. on it we’re ok!!! :astonished: Yea, I might not be able to go to 7th grade because of those terrible reading comprehension and estimation scores. :wink:

USA Membership question

Nice Job Tyler. Vocabulary was always my demon.

I sent in a membership fee and application to USA about 3 weeks ago. Also ordered some stuff. No word yet.

Does it take these folks a while to process stuff?


The issue of On One Wheel that Mr. Cox posted is Volume 28 Number 2. It is the latest issue that people who are members in good standing of the USA, Inc. and are on the regular bulk mail distribution plan (versus the 1st class mail plan) should be receiving now.

It does take time to process stuff. “These folks,” are all USA, Inc. members with other jobs and lives. They pay the same membership dues as everybody else. The difference is that they also volunteer countless hours to take photographs, write articles, produce and distribute a 16 page magazine, process membership applications and merchandise orders (many of which are incorrect, incomplete and / or virtually unreadable), participate in rules committees, work out new skills development systems and organize annual events.

Tom Daniels
Former President
Unicycling Society of America, Incorporated

Thanks Tom,

I’m looking foward to being an active member. I’m eager to learn more about the organization, that is why I made the post!

I manage a community orchestra as a volunteer, so I know what kind of effort it takes to go beyond the 9-5 for the sake of a larger cause!

I appreciate the volunteer time very much, and perhaps I can take an active role once I become more familiar with the USA. My impression is that it is a great organization!


…which is then shamelessly posted on the Internet for free viewing by an egomaniacal 11 yr. old (who has yet to apologize)

yea maestro, i was waiting to see one as well, now of course that this is posted he will


The Iteds are a bunch of crap, Tyler. I was in the top 99 percantile all through elementry and junior high, and somehow all my friends were too. Maybe us Iowa boys are just smarter, or maybe it’s because standardized tests are a bunch of bull.

Tyler, you need to realize that your ego and bragging is NOT a good charactor trait, and that you really have a lot to learn. You are smart, but in no way wise.

You had good intentions with this post, but pirating a magazine that is run by volunteers is not a good or nice thing to do. People won’t pay for a magazine if they get it for free, and One Wheel could lose their funding if you keep this up. Don’t think that because you are extra smart (just like everyone else) that you can do no wrong.

Social skills sometimes come hard for smart people. Try listening more and talking less, and try to deflate your ego a little bit. Don’t say things like how you are smarter than 99% of anyone, because that kind of talk will only make you disliked and can poison your mind.

Also, editing the posts yourself, to remove the scanned images might be a good idea. They’re all still there :thinking:

It is very disappointing to see those scans. As a former editor of On One Wheel, I know first hand how much work goes into putting together one of those issues. The OOW is copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission. Who did you ask? Did you think to ask?

Instead of taking the time to scan and post useless things on these forums, how about you write a few articles for the next OOW? I am looking forward to your first article that I am sure will be meticulously researched.

Connie Cotter

You bring up a good point. TyCo has posted questions and polls to help him make decisions on just about everything in life… from the size of tire to put on his uni to the color of pants to wear to school on Tuesdays… it’s odd he didn’t ask anyone before pulling this stunt.

Haha, Tyco, thats funny…

He cant. Theres a 10 minute editing limit.

Tyler, you need to take a break from the internet and computer I think. Think about what you do before doing and don’t do something as stupid as posting a whole magazine on a forum, for free viewing, thats just not right and probably illegal. I would apologize to the magazine if I were you.

I hope you were, thats not really all that impressive you know. Haha :slight_smile:

That’s a piece of good advice, Tyler. And here’s another: Try listening more and POSTING less.

I do hope that you understood that was my point?

I love how they test “basic” skills, not actual skills that require intellegence. Defeating kids who play connect the dots and draw pictures in the bubbles isn’t hard, either.

yeah, tests that measure simple skills and don’t count towards grades or anything else in school get lots of kids who don’t try. hell, people in my classes always just bubbled in “c” and then took a nap for the rest of the time. being in a high percentile means next to nothing.

one topic: if i were in charge of OOW, i’d totally take your “smart” ass to court and make your dad (he’s a lawyer right?) waste a day or two attempting to defend you. Not sure what the dollar value for damages they could attach to this would be, but i bet it’s not insignificant. if i were them, that’s what i’d do. dumbass.

Good thing your not. I can think of a lot of things I would rather see my member ship dues go towards than taking Tyler to court. If this became a regular issue, maybe then it would be something to consider. Posting this once may actually help sell more memberships since some on the forum will see what they are missing, so it may turn out to be a positive. Hard to prove damages in a situation like this if they don’t loose membership, and it actually continues to grow.

Besides, most of the people making a big deal out of this are probably stealing MP3’s and burning CD’s from the internet. Not much different if you ask me. Not that I am condoning either.

That said, Tyler I expect you won’t be scanning all of the next issue. Right?

Now if I get published, I may scan that article.:smiley: