Scanner & Editor

Hi Julian

A couple of thoughts on your post yesterday…

>I have been thinking for a few months of producing a list (for the FAQ) of
>things that have already been done on unicycles - just a very brief
>description, and a pointer of where you can find out more information (like
>who, when, how and even why.) Maybe one day I will actually do it (especially
>as it looks like it will be a while before the scanner is set

>up here.)

Great idea! I imagine that there would be lots of interest from ‘newbies’ to
unicycling as well as those more experienced riders looking for a challenge.

On the subject of a scanner - I may be able to help you out. I have access to
both a B&W and a colour scanner at work. The only catch for you is that I’m
in Canberra. If you didn’t want to wait for the scanner at your end to be set
up then you could send the photos to me to do. Just a thought… how’s
that sound??

>p.s. I am using a new Microsoft editor for this post, so my apologies if it is
> badly formatted. (On my screen, against my will, it has come out in

>three colours, two fonts, two underlining styles and three quoting styles. I
>assume this will all be stripped out.)

The post came out fine when I read it!