Scandal Rocks RSU

Scandal Rocks RSU

This should be enough to convince anybody of either:

a) Partner Posting

b) Demonic Possession


c) Hostile Takeover by Aliens


Everybody knows that Greg Harper never uses emoticons!

… and even if he ever did, who here could believe that he’d use the inflatable sex doll emoticon!

Unicycling Community:

I am sorry and ashamed of my actions. 8 months ago, Jagur T. Coyote took me in confidence and revieled that he had hacked the SETI at Home project and that now thousands of unsuspecting PC administrators were contributing to cracking the forum password of Greg Harper. As I recall, Jagur cackled in glee when explaining that it would take more than 75 years for the collective unicycle community to guess at this piece of information -if they were to work in non-stop shifts with short breaks for posting, nutrition and waste delivered and carried away by an elaberate tube system. As it was, the feat was carried out in less than 15 minutes on one slow Saturday morning in October using only the idle processor time of SETI @ Home and information gleemed from the browser cash of a PC reputedly used by Mr. Harper to collect Nutrino information from our comrades to the North, Canada. Jagur explained that with this information in hand, it would be a simple mater to deconstruct Mr. Harper’s image in the cycle community using his password, ernestborgninenaked, to log-in to the forum and make post designed to rase the ire and spite of it’s adhearants. With this accomplished, he said, we would easyly siez the Silver and Gold of RSU.

Naturaly, I reported this imediately to Mr. Harper in his postion as forum administrator. It was his opinion that the unicycling community would never fully recover if this scandelous information was revield and the integrity of RSU placed in doubt-yet it was unthinkable to let the dasterdly plans of Jagur T. Coyote to go unchecked. Thus, it was with great reluctance that we selflessly formed a cabal designed to thwort Jagur’s designs on the RSU crown and inevitable parting out of the KH prize unicycle. I would, on occasion, post en persona as harper after meticulously spellchecking the contents; Greg, in turn, would see to it that Washington State University gave a sizeable grant to the Primate House at the Seattle Zoo for Apple Powerbooks and broadband internet access. Together we would combat any as-yet-unknown plans by Jagur to unleash a Method of Most Posting, keeping RSU and cyclist everywhere free to be number one.

All would have gone unoticed and our silent watch undesturbed were it not for the unfortuneate events of last week, in which the fabeled Blue-Shift propelled me away from the fading entreties of Greg Harper to go forward with caution and temperance, and into a head-long UPD with destiny at as-yet-unknown speed. So it was that after a week of being able to utter only half remebered fragments from the better episodes of Gilligan’s Island, Starskie and Hutch, and Space: 1999 that I made those fated posts, sans spellchecker, revieling our plot and silent guard of RSU.

As for me: our associates at the Seattle Zoo proved no help, spending the entire balance of their time posting to alt.binarries.monkeysex. Alas, bronz is my fate- there will be no tail of the Golden Monkey. I accept all blame for this debachel, and will continue penance, as perscribed by Mike Fuel, on rediculously short cranks. You have my most sincier appology.


I don’t think there’s realy any evidence to substantia- Oh, wait! - what’s this comming in over the Tele-Type?

Then again, I could br wrong.


As the Protectors of the Forum, do you ride around on black horses wearing face-paint, pausing only at cliff edges to look down from afar on potential miscreants who may be unwitting pawns in evil plots to subvert the peace?

Do you get to mutter the words “we must watch this one closely” often?

Wow. I feel so much safer knowing that the Guardians have been silently protecting us from evil for centuries, and shall continue to do so. We salute you.


Re: Scandal Rocks RSU

I, too, find it unlikely -perhaps Jagur’s hand is at work. A Reuter’s News Service search found this image and quote:

“This, my friends, is the Enemy. Know the face of your Enemy.”

-From the Journal of the Royal Socioty for the Elimination of Emoticons; Greg Harper, Chairman


As a relative newcomer to the forum, I really don’t get alot of the inside stuff going on in this thread but, it is extremely funny. And, the photo of Haprer in the beam of light surrounded by the “unicycles on the chins” literally had me laughing out loud.
Good work boys!

who is the ‘real’ harper anyways?

(if this doesn’t make since, check out
(it started with the WTC photo hoax…bad origins, but it’s made a TON of funny photos! check out the galleries.)
galleries are at:


Scandal Rocks RSU

Stick around, Frank…

… as with all scandals, this one is bound to get worse.

I mean better!

Re: Scandal Rocks RSU

There is always a first (frequently also a last) time for everything. In a previous thread I stooped to using the much frayed, over-used, lame, emasculated almost-adjective “awesome” in describing Cokers. The content of this thread, I believe, warranted the use of emoticons.

More importantly, think how many RSU members have added the participants of this thread to their ignore lists. In fact, after Klaas figures a way to determine the “kiss of death” award, I wish he could post the number of ignore lists to which each member has earned access.

Re: Re: Scandal Rocks RSU

I’d imagine the only people who could do that would be Gilby or anyone with all-powerful mad hacker skillz. Failing that, it’d have to be on a voluntary basis…

I have absolutely no-one on my list, because I enjoy cuddly wabbits and rainbows.

Not that anyone can read this, because they’ve blocked me. hello? Hello…?


Re: Re: Re: Scandal Rocks RSU

What’s that sound? Did someone say something? Hello? Phil is that you? Am I going to have to use “hyper-ignore” or "uber-ignore’?

Scandal Rocks RSU

Ignore this ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: Scandal Rocks RSU

there is no spoon, I mean RSU.