I recently “joined” the Santa Barbara Muni club website, and got on their mailing list also. I’ve been checking their website and watching my email (for about 3 weeks now) but I haven’t found any events posted either on the site, or email. So I emailed “VivaLargo”, who is a member (and maybe the head organizer, I’m not sure), and he replied back that they get together every weekend for rides. That kindof came as a surprise since nothing had been posted on their site, and email notifcation never came. (In that same reply he said that not all events are posted on the site) The last I heard from “Vivalargo” was a 2 or 3 days ago (Via an email to me) saying that there is going to be a group muni event THIS weekend in Ojai (Near Ventura, CA), and that I was welcome to come!

So I shot off an email reply (Don’t have a contact phone number yet) saying, YES, I wanted to attend, but I needed to know where and when. Still no reply as of Friday, 2:18pm, and Tomorrow’s coming up fast! (I know he may not have had the time to reply yet) So…Does ANYONE here know the details on this get-together, and where and when? It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so it may have been cancelled, or maybe this club rides rain OR shine! That might even be fun to muni in the mud a bit? (But isn’t that bad for the bearings and stuff??) Anyway, I think there are other members of SB Mountain Unicycle Club on this web forum, so if you could let me know what’s going on, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks:D

Hey Terry,

Reply to this post with the first part (everything before the @) of the email address you subscribed to our mailing list with and I’ll verify that it’s set properly. I’m wasn’t planning on riding this weekend but I will forward your questions to someone who can answer them. Usually if it rains, the rides are canceled since it really tears up the trails when you ride muddy here in SB.


Hi Matt,

I basically signed up through the website. There was no email address; only a box to put my email address. I filled it out and clicked “send”. this is what it said:

<< Mailing List

If you would like to receive announcements of weekly rides and events as well as general discussion about mountain unicycling, please enter your email address below to sign up for the club mailing list. (Note, this list is not AOL-compatible. Please use an alternate address.)>>

I do not use aol, but Earthlink, and I use Hotmail for email. I haven’t received anything in 3 weeks. It would also be a great help to me if I could get contact phone numbers of the members and/or organizers. I gave mine to “Vivalargo” twice, just tomake sure he got it. Thanks!

Right… what was the first part of the hotmail address that you subscribed with? Does it start with the word piano? If not then email me at so I can have someone answer your questions about this weekend.