SBU- Interesting...

Self Balancing Unicycle… It’s been done before I know… but this version was fairly streamlined and looks very well made I’m impressed. The price is a bit steep at 1500USD but it’s cool nonetheless. The guy was on the news today and I have been hearing about it all day from random people. here’s the video.

I saw this a while ago and looked into building my own. I’m 100% sure I have the skills and tools to do it (I’ve done similar projects before), but the materials cost alone is knocking on $1500.

That’s 2 KH’s!!

You can’t have a SBU thread without a tip of the hat to Trevor Blackwell!

P.S. He’s got the plans, parts list and software available for free from his page…

I couldn’t remember who Trevor was when I started this thread and couldn’t remember where I’d seen the info on it being done before. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me! haha

I couldn’t remember who Trevor was when I started this thread and couldn’t remember where I’d seen the info on it being done before. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me! haha

Wow, only $1500 US for real? That’s amazingly cheap for such a complex and hand-built machine! Drool.

Got to ride one today. It was pretty weird at first, Eventually I got used to it(like re-learning when you get a new unicycle). Fairly cool I’m interested to see what sort of things might be able to be done with this… I’ve been given permission to borrow one if I’m ever in the area(about a half hour drive from my house) so I’m going to play around some more with it eventually and see what it can do. It doesn’t handle sharp turns very well, and almost has a mind of it’s own sometimes. I’m so un-aware of body position when riding a unicycle I couldn’t feel if I was leaning forward with my hips or my upper body until the unicycle started going the wrong way. I’ll make a video of the next time I mess with it and report back.

Not trying to rip on the inventor, but I think this product is a lazy persons way to show off unicycling.

If you can unicycle, it’s a different story. However, why take something as calorie burning as unicycling, and make it a lazy persons hobby.

Anyone else agree?

awesome! that would be great to see.

SBU - Electric Self Balancing Unicycle

I also rode that thing around for the better part of an hour. The meat of it a Torker LX 20" (Maybe 24").

It was a hell of a lot of fun.

Talking to the inventor, there’s no governor in it, so speed is entirely up to the rider’s ability. He says the thing tops out at around 25MPH but he keeps it down to around 8 when he rides it.

I’m not sure how fast I got it going… but when I came off the front I tried to run out of it. When my foot first hit the ground I knew deep inside that it was a lost cause, I tucked, rolled and only lost a little blood and skin.

I popped up laughing like an idiot.

Other highlights include grabbing a fence to turn around, having the unicycle speed into the iron bars, knees first.

I’d honestly be embarrassed to be seen riding that thing. I’m sure I look stupid enough riding my regular unicycles around.

they are LX 20’s I didn’t have much of a chance to get used to it but I figured out how to ride it one footed and plant my foot to make it turn around. It felt silly to ride it but if you’re embarrassed to ride it you’re probably embarrassed to ride a normal unicycle and I would wonder why you chose to learn in the first place. haha

Nipple and Duct tape speak the truth

This thing is way more fun than I thought it would be. I had a lot of fun riding it. You still have to balance side to side, but Dan’s magic gyro takes care of the forward and backwards bit for you. I think it could be especially useful for getting home after drinking too much?
The riding position is kind of nerdy, but you can stand up too, which reduces the dork factor a lot.
I think a faster 29er SBU might be even more fun.

Checkout the latest youtube video:

If anyone wants to test ride an SBU just shoot me an email or something:


Pop a flip

25MPH!!! Someone do a 24" and get it on the trails! :slight_smile: