Saying Goodbye to HalfABike Domain, Logos, Twitter/Instagram Feed

For Sale: Half A Bike Domain, Website, Logos, @halfabike Instagram Account and Twitter Feed

I apologize if this is not the place to post this. I didn’t think it really belonged in the equipment for sale. If there’s a better place for it, let me know. :slight_smile:

I am selling the domain, website, logos, instagram and twitter accounts. I am a full-time photographer and this is one of three travel blogs we have been managing. My wife and I recently moved into a camper and we have been consolidating our life in many ways. But I still have my unicycles. :wink:

This would be a great website for anybody wanting to start a blog centered around unicycling. It would be easy to have multiple contributors publish on this blog. The possibilities are endless. This could also be a great website for a unicycle club or store.

All the hard work has been done. I’m ashamed to admit how many hours I’ve spent building up this brand (not to mention money). But it was a great learning experience.

The original cost of the logo design, website, mobile friendly website, and SEO optimization was roughly $1400. I am willing to accept any reasonable offer. Basically, the best offer.

Here’s a little more info:
DOMAIN: will be transferred to the buyer along with any associated email addresses. The buyer will be responsible for registering the domain from that point on (through GoDaddy or another service).

WEBSITE: The website was designed using the Tripod Photography Wordpress Theme. Mitchell Shepherd of Humbly Made Designs helped build my website. I kept it very simple as I wanted my photography to speak for itself. Obviously, the design can be changed. It was SEO optimized by Peter Swanson at Swanson Studios in Virginia (great guy btw). The tripod theme mobile version was pretty poor and so I had him fix that as well. All photos and written work will remain the property of myself (unless of course the website will continue to be a site for multiple contributors in which case I will gladly be a contributing writer). All said, the website cost me roughly $700

LOGO: The logo is courtesy of the very talented Mitchell Shepherd. All files will be forwarded so that you will be able to manipulated the colors and tagline text if you desire. The logo design was $500. Quite a deal if you ask me.

INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER: Both of these social media feeds will be transferred to the new owner. I originally bought the @halfabike twitter and instagram feeds for $100 each. You will retain all of my followers (936 on instagram! Woohoo!). All photos will be removed before the transfer.

Feel free to text/call me at or at 630-440-9250 if you have any other questions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Man, the timing. I seriously just bought an hour ago.

Haha! Well, it’s not too bad of timing. This site is all set up and ready to roll.

I’m going to keep this posted up for a couple days to give people time to think about. Definitely let me know if you’re interested.

My inbox is full of such apologies.
Clearly you knew a better place than “General Discussion”.