Saw Lance Armstrong on the trail

I was riding my Muni on the trail and ran into a group of MTBers, started talking with one of them, and then noticed Lance Armstrong was among them! I didn’t talk to him and he didn’t say anything but I was about 90% confident it was him. He lives in Austin and is known to MTB. I guess he saw my Muni, but he was looking intently at my Dell computer.

Ah that last part requires some explanation… I found a Dell computer in the bushes and dragged it out and plopped it out in the middle of the trail near the group of MTBers. I was thinking I should have did some trials moves on the computer for Lance… :smiley:

i was riding vail pass with some freinds (we were on bikes) and we saw lance, i was leading our pack and i looked back to ask if my freinds if they wanted to switch positions, when i saw lance quickly gaining on us. I didnt know it was him at first, just thought it was a freindly cyclist and a lance wannabe…but then when he caught up to us he talked with us a little and then sped off into the distance…

that’d be so cool if lance got into unicycling…just think, a trek muni, or a trek coker.

Haha, that would be cool.

Besides, Trek has nice colour schemes.

I did one day of RAGBRAI (about 73mi.) this summer, the day that Lance was there. I made it to the same town before he did, so as I waited for my fellow RAGBRAIers (who were about 5-10 mi. behind me the whole time; I probably did as much waiting as I did riding.), I ate my pizza and waited for Lance to come by. Eventually he and Matthew McConaughey rode through the crowd of people. It was pretty cool. The only bad part was that I didn’t know exactly when he’d be riding through, so I was way far away from the street eating, so I didn’t really get a good look at him. I decided I’d pick up my Cannondale (great bike, by the way) and follow him to the finish. Well… I figured that, since he was with Matt, he wouldn’t be riding full speed. Well, he wasn’t, but it was still pretty fast. I heard they averaged about 27 mph the whole way through, and I averaged somewhere around 18 or 19… But, a couple of hours after most of the people finished he gave a speech and stuff, so that was pretty cool.

Next year I want to do a day of RAGBRAI on a Coker :D, if I can get a hold of one… If not, I’m gonna do the whole week. Any distance bikers should consider RAGBRAI (ride across the entire state of Iowa). It’s a fun time.

has anybody seen that 48’’ wheel on udc? looks like it would be better than a coker but I’m not sure what it offers in terms of comfort.

it has a solid tire: hard to replace and hard on the bum.