Save the UNI Mag

I have finally received my copy of the UNI mag after much time. I know there has been a lot of chat about this and it has split opinions. Some of you believe it wasn’t worth the wait and others understand that it’s part and parcel of a small company.
Having received it and read it (well…looked at the pretty pictures, especially the ones pages 32 and 33) I would be deeply upset if it was to cease in production. Having read Mike’s note at the start, this seems to be the direction we are going.
After working so hard to get a unicycle mag with great pictures, great articles and with great tutorials such as the one on pages 32 and 33, it would be a shame to do away with it at such an early stage.
Yes it was a long time to wait and yes if it were different surcumstances I would be annoyed with the service but Mike does this in his spare time, time which I’m guessing he has very little of, and for little reward.
So Mike, if you are reading this, what can the supporters of the mag do to help, possibly reduce the work load by creating top notch articles (similar to the unispin tutorial on pages 32 and 33) or help financially.

Lets band together and support this venture that, at the end of the day, is being created for our enjoyment.


P.S. Did I mention the 180 unispin on pages 32 and 33?

This issue is really good I think.

What a waste if it were to stop.

I would rather wait for each issue than not have the option of any magazine at all.

Hopefully Mike can work out how to keep it going, as it covers such a diversified sport so well, and you can’t get better than some cool picture of folk on unicycles. The cover picture looks great.


Yes, let’s keep them coming no matter how long it takes to get a new issue. I don’t care if I have to wait a year…it’s always worth the wait. I have some really good professional photo’s of Shaun Johanson and Dan Heaton that we took in a high end studio. They are not online anywhere (yet) and I think they’d be perfect for the magazine (a couple even cover material). I’ll send them to Mike, and try to send an article with it. Let’s everyone join together and send him pictures, articles, whatever and then hopefully all he’ll have to do is put everything together!!

One way to suport it- take out a subcription for you best mate your mum or any one else who you think would like such a present for their birthday.
I’m seriously thining about getting my parents one, ,mum likes the pics and the trip reports. Dad has re labeled last years calender to use it in his office again this year!


Here, here.

Have most of the subscribers received the 4th issue? I haven’t received mine yet!:frowning:

I have not yet either, Terry.

From past experience, I think it takes a week or two longer for it to arrive in the US. I’m sure it’s on its way. :slight_smile: