save my hands!

Having been practicing hopping I have come to understand why Muni-ists use handles, pulling up on my seat rim is a bit harsh on the fingers.
I guess there’s three solutions: -

  1. plastic seat handle(like Kris Holmes green one?)
  2. metal sticky-out bar handle(reeder)
  3. gloves
    what are the pros and cons of the two types of handle?
    will the miyata one fit all unicycle seats?
    I’m on a budget, does anyone know of a effective but cheap alternative to proffessional gloves?

miyate seats come with a handle. you can’t stick the handle on just any seat. the miyata handle sucks though, its made of the wrong type of plastic and breaks easily.
this is why you can buy all these other handles to replace the broken miyata.

the reeder handle is great for trials and muni but its not ideal for freestyle riding because it can get in the way. you can put it on a viscount seat or a carbonfibre seatbase, or a miyata base with a gb4 stiffener.

i have a reeder handle on a viscount seat and a kh velo saddle, i ride the kh velo saddle because its more comfortableto ride, however the reeder handle is more comfortable to hold

your best bet is to buy a kris holm velo saddle, theyve got a built in handle which is stronger than the miyata an its also the most comfortable seat you can buy.(unless your ass is a weird shape)

they aren’t expensive either at £30 especialy considering that a miyata will cost £40 and not last verry long.

in the mean time you can cover your seat in duck tape to make it more comfortable to hold.

I reccommend gloves if your going to be grabbing for extend periods of time. On handles they halp alot with general abration (?) of fingers.

Re: save my hands!

onewheeldave wrote:

> I’m on a budget, does anyone know of a effective but cheap alternative
> to professional gloves?

Amateur gloves?

Hand wraps?

Duct tape?

Deadlifting. :wink:

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no no no

handlebars? on a unicyle! that takes the fun out of it

Re: no no no

strictly speaing is only “a handle” rather than handle bars, but once you try it you’ll understand.
of course you wouldn’t want to hold on all the time, itwould make standup tricks a bit more dificult.